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10 foods with lots of calcium than milk

TOP 10 foods with calcium
Many people since the childhood the parents were told about the benefits of milk. In the modern world to find natural milk and its substitutes is not very difficult. With the replacement components has changed, and properties of milk, which had had a positive effect on the human body in the first place due to the presence of calcium.

Below, we have gathered for you the foods that contain more calcium than milk from childhood.

1. Chia seeds contain about 200 mg of calcium in one tablespoon. Three spoons a day replace glass of milk. Besides Chia, the high concentration of calcium observed in sesame, poppy and flax seeds.

2. Sardines are one of the best non-dairy sources of calcium. 300 grams fish can fully meet the daily demand of the organism for calcium. Sardines have calcium is concentrated in bones.

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3. Almonds in addition to calcium, add in your body with fiber and protein. Many nutritionists appreciate the unique properties of nuts.

4. Spinach, Kale and broccoli able to charge your body with calcium is not worse than milk. The deeper green hue has the product, the higher the calcium content.

5. Beans, namely, green and white bean, soybean and winged. Together with calcium in the body gets a variety of trace elements that further enhance our body. Cans of beans a day is more than enough.

6. Oranges. Glass of fresh citrus juice contains 72 mg of calcium. Manufacturers often add calcium to the juice to minimize the difference with milk, but fruit juice optimizes the absorption of calcium unlike milk.

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7. The best option is yogurt, which contain in its composition of berries, nuts or seeds. Together with probiotics, the useful effect is enhanced.

8. Rare in our area crops – Quinoa, which can be served both hot and cold.

9. In the pursuit of calcium can help, and rhubarb. For cooking most often use the tops of the plants.

10. Fans easy ways may be used a concentrated mixture of globular proteins derived from whey – whey protein.

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