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Daily Archives: 15.01.2019

Is in Russia’s GDP. And even two.

Is in Russia’s GDP (the first) – Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the President of his name. The President, however, he became due to the fact that the elections, the regime allowed only petrushek, approved in the administration of the same Putin, but at the expense of large-scale fraud, i.e. illegal. And …

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Renewable energy – what this means for Russia?

Russia, with even the modern “digging stick”, in the future, prepared for the unenviable role The fourth industrial revolution is gaining momentum, and now it becomes clear that the “great energy superpower” – Russia – after half a century may finally slip into the category of second-class countries. If you …

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In Yakutia condemned the priest’s 87 rape

The father-the pedophile has received 17 years in prison for his crimes Ex-Director of St Innokenty Orthodox school hieromonk Meletius had received 17 years of a high security for pedophilia. Priest accused in 87 episodes of violent acts of sexual character concerning minors. All episodes of crimes relate to sexual …

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