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Daily Archives: 21.04.2019

Presented in Russia smartphone Nokia 1 Plus

The Chinese holding company HMD Global announced in Russia a cheap smartphone Nokia 1 Plus with IOS 9 Android Pie without additional interfaces and shells. Just note smartphone to buy is not recommended, as its value is much too high in our market. Nokia 1 Plus costs 7500 rubles, but …

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In Russia came wireless headphones Huawei FreeBuds Lite

In Russia, the release of wireless headphones Huawei FreeBuds Lite with built-in protection from moisture and dust. The model refers to the budget by modern standards segment and is available in black or white body colors to choose from. The sales will start on 2 April 2019, that is already …

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The war with food

The starving Russians will have to continue to look for food in the trash — authorities principles more than the survival of the citizens. I saw in the boxes, where market traders throw rotten vegetables and fruits, digging the old? Arriving home, they cut off the rotten side of tomatoes-cucumbers, …

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Study: Yogurt has unique properties

Of course, the scientific world previously know that yogurt is a healthy product for the human body. However, it turned out that it is more unique than thought experts. Yogurt, for example, is able to regulate the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract — which is why it is very useful …

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Scientists: it is better to eat Dessert before dinner

If you eat dessert before dinner, not after it, then the person will be able to minimize all the chances to gain weight, talk to experts from the United States. American researchers believe that the dessert is best consumed before the main meal, but the rule of “first lunch then …

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