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Daily Archives: 28.04.2019

China introduced the first electric Buick

The car can travel up to 200 km on a single charge. The auto giant General Motors revealed in China’s first all-electric station wagon Buick Velite 6. The company is not accidentally chosen as the first audience of the people of China, because the Chinese market is a priority for …

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The symptoms of disorder pressure in humans

Pressure surges, high pressure, low pressure, hypertension — all this is the scourge of modern society and it’s not just. For most people, but as statistics show, more than 50 percent, there is quite a reasonable explanation. What is the lifestyle of modern man? Bad and short night sleep, sometimes …

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What causes alcohol abuse?

In some cases the abuse of alcohol when it leads to serious mental disorders. A person experiences problems with memory, attention, thinking, emotions. Person worse controlled quickly irritated. He is not always aware of what is happening. He believes that picking on him that he unfairly hurt. That life is …

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