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Daily Archives: 01.05.2019

Prices start: the housing market prepares to rise

The new era of shared construction with the spectacular bankruptcies and no less Grand deceptions of shareholders will be squeezed out of existence by the efforts of the state.   “Dolevku” will be replaced by project financing. The journalists of the newspaper “New news” to understand what lies behind this …

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Media: newly Rich Russians buying housing in London

Rich Russians this year began in droves to buy expensive housing in London, according to the American edition of the Global real estate Mansion, citing data from the international consulting company Knight Frank. Thus, in the third quarter of this year, every fifth house in the British capital more than …

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In Greenland, showed a Blue river flowing in the ice

This river regularly changes color. We are accustomed to thinking that rivers flow along the ground or on mountain slopes. But in Greenland there is a Blue river that flows under the ice or in the ice (to which definition you prefer). And since even the earth’s rivers often change …

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