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Daily Archives: 04.05.2019

Enough to have fun!

The rise in price of games, care of major companies and more domestic movie — how to change the Russian entertainment industry Let’s face it — fans of video games and movies in Russia very few reasons for joy. The previous year was marked by large-scale locks Telegram, which affected …

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Children’s outdoor games?

Whether encyclopedia of children’s domestic games? Not long ago, I wrote in Nyuslende few of their pitiful memories of sophistication of the post-war children’s games, which I did with pleasure could be seen in almost any urban neighbourhood of our great country. Unfortunately, these games are forgotten or almost completely …

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Banks invented a new way of fleecing pensioners

Banks have introduced a new kind of contribution for retirees. The only problem is that to get back the money invested often can neither retirees, nor their heirs.   Veteran MOE, Muscovite Valentin Y. Glushak in his 82 years, was the victim of one of the largest “state” banks: the …

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It is the duty of Russians to banks reached 15% of GDP

In 2018, the Russians scored a record number of loans. The total debt on it is now of 14.86 trillion rubles. In some segments of the credit debt load acquired ugly forms. Credit load per household (the ratio of credit debt to average annual income) in 2018 increased from 22% …

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