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A gang of youngsters in the center of St. Petersburg beat people and smashed shop Windows. All free

Банда малолеток в центре Петербурга избивала людей и громила витрины. Все на свободе

In the centre of Saint-Petersburg two dozen minors attacked a married couple, breaking the man’s nose, and then beat people in the Park. One of the victims — a broken jaw. The brawlers did not stop: disfigured parked car, smashed the window of a shop and bumped into an elderly woman at the bus stop. All that they have done in a few hours. The witnesses filed a dozen complaints to the police, but the suspects at large.

The fact that none of them are under 18. The police know the face of virtually everyone, because in the Department they are frequent visitors.

The incident occurred on the evening of August 24. Vladimir Lebedev with friends quietly rested in the Tauride garden, no one interfered. Suddenly, the Park was a group of teenagers began to make noise.

“The guys were inadequate — whether drunk, whether under the influence of any drugs. They were shouting insulting everyone and causing conflict. Then, as the hurricane began to smash, to break,” he says. And explains: in the Park for the most part were adults, pensioners, women with young children, no tourists was not ready for the aggressive antics of young hooligans.

“We counted about twenty guys. The situation is tense. There was a fight. Teenagers beat someone, shouted that now all shot. One woman was hit on the head with his foot and took the phone away because she was filming their atrocities on camera. We immediately called the police, and with different numbers. Surprisingly, no one call response”, — continues Vladimir.

The young man says that from the bloody brawls of all saved ambulance, passing: raiders of the confused flashing lights with a flashing lights of police and fled.

“People were in shock. In the Park one man has a broken jaw that required hospitalization. The others escaped with bruises. Got and women, from mad youngsters all suffered,” — concludes Vladimir.

To restore the chronology of events and to seek a full investigation, the victims dropped a call in social networks — in the end, nearly 20 people who faced those thugs. It turned out that brawl in the Park is not the only “entertainment” of teenagers that night.

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“I saw the police of two teenagers. The minor was immediately taken away, but I recognized him. It turned out that the second is also 18 years old, but he was called their data, and the other, lied to, confused police officers. Then his mother came and silently took the teenager home,” describes the events Xenia.

Victims are outraged that brawlers were not detained, and was released on all four sides, despite the obvious seriousness of the situation. “They knew that they will be nothing. So they behaved like beasts. In addition, we learned that their journey began with a garden. There are simply hooligans — turned garbage can, tore off the posters. Then it turned out that before that, they beat the boy — at six in the evening, in a crowded place without cause. Maybe from their actions and someone else was hurt,” — shared with RIA “news” the details of the interviewee.

According to her, Igor broke his jaw on the sly: he came from behind and struck in the moment when he had not seen the assailant. Ran away from the Park, restores the chronology of Xenia, hooligans attacked Vsevolod, who was walking with his wife past the Suvorov Museum.

RIA “Novosti” contacted him. Vsevolod said that students asked him for cigarettes and was rude. There was a fight. They crowd attacked him, knocked to the ground and broke his nose. When his wife raised a fuss, the raiders fled. However, notes the victim, camera Museum recorded the whole incident.

“Teenagers ran into the store, it was noisy there. The seller also wrote a statement to the police, she was found. Still there is information that the group moved down the street and attacked the pensioner at the bus stop. That it is unknown,” the list “exploits” youngsters interlocutors of the Agency.

The company of hooligans quickly figured out in social networks. Ksenia found and recognized almost all participants in the excesses, they are not hidden. In the account of the alleged “leader of the gang,” posted a video of a fight in which they beat up a guy and forced to apologize. In the video you can clearly hear a child’s voice. The girls — mostly photos with obscene gestures, profanity. Some of them no and 14, according to the dates of birth specified in the profiles. But the main sign: two men — bracelets for the ankles, and therefore, they already have a criminal record.

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RIA “Novosti” contacted a friend of young offenders. She lives with them in the same area — at the Alexander Nevsky square. Olesya (name changed) said that children “often hang out in the yards”, in parks such as Tauride.

“Basically their parents are drinkers. Although some quite affluent family. Someone from the company attends special school and for a long time consists on the account.

They aren’t doing anything, it’s not even okolofutbolnye to imitate the culture of the AUE, for the eyes insulted police officers and so on. They are goner.

Only bullies, drink, and no more fun in life”, — says Olesya.

She drew attention to the fact that a few years ago such aggression among her peers was not, however, all changed when the two friends returned from the colony for juvenile delinquents.

“It’s the ones with the bracelets in the photo: they sat for a robbery, robbery and theft. Because of the bracelet they can’t be on the street longer than three hours, and then only in your area. But as you can see, this is enough to vandalize. There were moments when they are gone, then the police came to their home. So the 76th division (police Department, where he had been a rowdy and where he took the statements of victims — approx. RIA “Novosti”.) knows them well,” explains the girl.

Suffered at the hands of teenagers think that they should be as stringent a punishment or to avoid imprisonment. People are willing to write a collective complaint to the police and Prosecutor’s office. While investigators work separately with each of the victims. In a press-service Ministry of internal Affairs across St.-Petersburg, RIA “Novosti” confirmed that now all the reports under scrutiny are the identity of the parties to the conflict. Then a criminal investigation.

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