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A large Russian woman was sentenced for torture, rape and murder

According to the agency, the accomplice Begun Stanislav Berdnikov was given a similar punishment with the difference that he will serve him in a maximum security colony, and Vera herself in general. Another participant in a murder organized by a mother with many children was sentenced to 5 years and 6 months in prison. The prosecutor's office requested the appointment of a runner accused of 14 episodes of crime, more severely punished in the form of 24 years in prison.

The mother of three children, Vera Begun, was detained in 2017 on suspicion that she, together with her son and cohabitant, in danger of reprisal, demanded from a friend to sell his Japanese car of a premium brand, and give money to accomplices. Then, the investigating authorities became aware of her possible involvement in a number of other crimes: the woman acted as the organizer of the rape of her brother's lover – she allegedly forced him to watch what was happening, and her son filmed everything on camera.

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After some time, the friend of the accused (they grew up in an orphanage), who was directly involved in the rape, confessed to the police, where he testified against Vera Begun and her roommate. According to the materials of the criminal case, the woman found out about everything, then they and the cohabitant took the applicant to the forest.

In the forest, accomplices mocked the man for a long time, after which they ordered him to dig a grave in which the victim was buried alive. Then the Runner with a roommate dug him up and tied him to a tree, deciding to drown him in the future, but the victim died even before this moment.

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Also during the investigation, it turned out that in 2016 Vera Begun abducted her friend and forced her to work as a sex slave in a brothel. The victim managed to escape, but she did not contact the police. During the investigation of the criminal case against the Runner, her children with their father lived in Crimea.

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