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Agricultural work of Leningrad. To eat we had to…

Сельхозработы ленинградцев. Кушать нам надо было...

Here we Leningrad engineers , along with soldiers, native state and often drove in the voluntary-compulsory order on a variety of agricultural work. Tax “on the fields of our homeland” and its bins we saw, as a treat, provides the prose of life. We, the young, loved after mental to podrastet muscles, throwing in the cabbage truck or forming on pallets boxes of carrots. Often agricultural work were able to paint a sports competition, where the important was the agility, strength, and and manufacture of homegrown tool, such as Assembly or warehouse cutting vegetables. Yes, and it was nice to realize their Patriotic civil assistance to needy socialist agriculture.

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One often oppressed. The fact is that from childhood I was taught the skills of careful attitude to the collected vegetables to enable them a reasonable time to be stored. And our attitude to the state of agriculture was, to put it mildly, thriftless, honest poaching. As during loading and unloading work in the fields and bewegende (the so-called vegetable store, which is usually up to 40-80% of the product reaches the consumer, and turned into a stinking muck, shovel us later in the winter, shovel). Often freshly-picked vegetables overthrown with a multimeter height, throwing the truck of trucks or enormous, often faulty, murderous containers. The potatoes were unloaded from a covered container without cars a special metal forks with blunt or hastily welded reinforcing wire shorted work. Moreover, to enhance productivity went to boots straight dumps of potatoes. Some pure instinct to try to avoid this, raking passes from tubers, but many such scruples seemed far-fetched.

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