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America is pressing Russia and Iran to the Syrian oil

Америка отжимает у России и Ирана сирийскую нефть

The administration of Donald trump develops a new plan of action in Syria, which implies the introduction of sanctions against Russian and Iranian companies involved in the restoration of the Arab Republic. The news, citing its sources in the White house announced on the eve of the American TV channel NBC.

Recall that as recently as last week U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo actually delivered an ultimatum to Damascus, saying that his country will not give “a single dollar” on the restoration of Syria, while Iranian militias to leave the territory. Somehow the Iranian contingent is stopping the Americans to fight with the terrorist group ISIS* – so, in any case, they argue. Despite the fact that the Iranian military (and Russia) are in Syria at the invitation of the legitimate government of this country, but the Americans with their coalition there just had not been asked.

Now States are going to prevent the restoration of areas of Syria, where Iranian and Russian contingents. And promise to press financial and political sanctions those who seek to revive that long-suffering country.

Moreover, it is not even about what they are going to restore what they themselves with their carpet bombing destroyed. The same Raqqa, for example, which a year ago, the American coalition during the operation to liberate from the terrorists actually razed to the ground.

“This is an indicator that what we’ve always said that all the verbal camouflage about caring about the bright future of Syria is nothing more than an excuse,” — commented on the new Syrian strategy of Washington, Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

According to him, the essence of American politics remains the same: to obstruct the work of the legitimate government of Syria and to prevent those countries that are not in words, but in fact fighting in Syria with the terrorist threat.

The Deputy Minister called the U.S. policy “one-sided” and “flawed”.

But in this one-sided and inferiority is nothing new, says a leading expert of the Center Voyenno-political researches, Moscow state Institute Mikhail Alexandrov:

— Strategy us clear. They intend to continue their war against the government of Bashar al-Assad and against Iran in the region. And for this they do not need to Syria was restored and showed the progress in the fight against terrorism and the creation of a normal secular state, which is friendly to Iran, and Russia.

Their goal is to disrupt. Therefore, it is naive to think that they would somehow help.

The mention of the IG in this case is used exclusively for the blind. Their victory over the Islamic terrorists don’t care. The United States participated in the creation of ISIS, what a tramp, by the way, just said, blaming the former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

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ISIS was intended to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad, and then the situation was to take control of a loyal Pro-American groups.

But the plan didn’t work, and what they now do?

“SP”: — that is, will put a spoke in the wheel that Syria has not risen?

— The war becomes protracted stage. And, first, it is necessary to prevent the defeat of the remaining terrorist groups in Idlib. To maintain its presence in the Kurdish lands. And continue from there to this subversive-terrorist war.

Secondly, not to give Syria the opportunity to recover, to create an attractive lifestyle that, in the end, lured to a significant number of Syrians currently in the opposition, on the side of Assad. Because if everyone will see that there life is getting better, who wants to sit around it in Idlib under the control of terrorists.

Therefore, the Americans and act…

“SP”: — But it is the height of cynicism. To nurture terrorists to destroy the country, and then to announce sanctions for those who wants to help this country…

— With regard to sanctions, because they have limited options. They can’t against us to start a war. They are not ready and against Iran to start a war.

So they are seeking ways of how to prevent the restoration of Syria, and to come up with sanctions against companies.

There is after all, the Chinese could participate. And the Europeans said something… And now they will impose sanctions, and nobody will be there to recover anything.

That is, the situation will preserve. Either Russia will have to take on the entire burden to bear the economic losses, and we have own problems. But Americans are just meet — that’s their strategy.

“SP”: — I Remember, “Belorusochka” its fake chemical attack in Idlib brought the Ivanka trump to tears. Her so it was a pity the Syrian children that dad is the President of “nothing left” how to give a volley of Tomahawks on Assad’s army. Now about the plight of hundreds of thousands of Syrian children are don’t you think?

— The usual double standards… Use information in some situations in favor of the United States, and when it is not in favor of the US — ignoring this information.

It’s a technique, it is necessary for it to be ready. And we need to act.

You know, they create a virtual reality where interpretiruya the facts in their favor. What the reality is, they are no longer interested. They create their own reality using their control over mass media, the Internet, etc. Therefore, to destroy this reality and acting accordingly — creating alternative Americans virtual reality. Not trying to prove to them that they are wrong. It’s no use.

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Professor of the Academy of military Sciences, political scientist Sergey Sudakov sure in turn that the Americans will never fight:

— The United States is now quite interested in how to remain and strengthen in Syria. And of course, they want to recoup their financial losses that they suffered together with the coalition.

Americans never fight just. In this sense they are similar to Roman legionaries, who have always demanded more compensation for their services. And now they want to make a huge part of Syria became a protectorate of the “greater Western world”, namely USA and members of their coalition of the 68 States.

But in reality, the States understand that Russia and Iran are not only trying to restore order in Syria (fighting there are casualties), and are those countries that are really interested in establishing peace on this earth. And because Russia will dictate certain conditions: who will be on the ground in Syria. Who is hostile and who is not hostile.

The US and its coalition no one called to Syria — they’re unwanted guests. And, of course, when peace will come, they will have to leave the territory of the Republic.

“SP”: — But if they have not observed such a desire?

— Not, of course. So they want to do everything completely the opposite. They want using the methods of economic pressure to start to knock out Syria first, Iran, Iranian units. By pressure on virtually all implicated with the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps companies, offices, branches, subsidiaries.

The meaning of these actions like this: “we will choke you until, until you are gone and will not leave Syria for us”.

But I guess they can’t make it with Iran, which for years lived under the most severe sanctions. Russia will not leave Syria, where we have our own interests that we will defend.

Only the United States has long ceased to be guided by the principles of international law. And by and large can go to any trick, on any provocation in order to earn a lot of money.

And here we must understand that the principles of WTO, principles of the world Bank, and even an organization like the UN, they simply sunk into Oblivion.

Americans are not interested. They just want to capture a huge chunk of Syria, where there are oil resources, and then do what you want — restore Syria, do not restore… the Main thing is to get their share of the spoils.

In this case, the Americans are very similar to pirates trying to capture the alien ship and to raise their black flag.

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