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American became the world’s first genetically modified human

Американка стала первым в мире генетически модифицированным человеком

Is not just artistic fiction fiction incarnated scientists in reality. Telephone, submarine, rocket, and much more. And here again the idea of science fiction has gained a real basis — this time in the field of genetic engineering. It’s possible that the mythical “fountain of youth” is found, and this is just the merit of geneticists. After all, is still unknown the exact mechanisms of aging, but it is proven that the fading processes are directly dependent on the state of the telomeres — the end parts of chromosomes: the longer, the longer a person lives.

The CEO BioViva USA Inc. Elizabeth Parrish says that her team has developed a new method which can quickly, effectively and safely to increase the length of telomeres. AdMe.ru for new scientific discoveries, and so we want to share with you a new breakthrough in the field of gene therapy.

In 2016, a 45-year-old CEO BioViva USA Inc. Elizabeth Parrish (Elizabeth Parrish) argued that successfully completed a course of gene therapy against aging. Therapy involves the elimination of the two main effects of the aging process: telomere shortening and loss of muscle mass.

Telomeres are parts of chromosomes, which are responsible for the number of cell divisions before its destruction. Although telomere length is different for each person, a person is born with telomere length 15-20 thousand pairs of nucleotides, and die with a length of 5-7 thousand their Length gradually decreases due to a process called the Hayflick limit is the number of divisions of cells, approximately equal to 50. After that, the cell begins the process of aging. The studies found that DNA can recover through the enzyme telomerase that interacts with the telomeres and returns them to the original length.

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The process of restoring telomeres at the moment runs a modified RNA, which carries the gene for telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT). After RNA was introduced at the telomeres, it increases telomerase activity by 1-2 days. During this time she actively elongates telomeres and then decays. The resultant cells behave similarly “young” and share many times more intense than cells in the control group.

Thanks to this method, were able to elongate telomeres more than 1 000 nucleotides, which is approximately equal to several years of human life. This process is safe for health and does not lead to unnecessary modifications and mutations of cells, as the immune system fails to respond to the injected RNA.

SpectraCell laboratory confirmed that the success of the therapy is possible. In 2015 before the start of treatment, Elizabeth took a blood test: telomere length of leukocytes made up 6.71 thousand pairs of nucleotides. In 2016, after the end of therapy the blood Parrish again took to analysis the telomere length of white blood cells increased to 7.33 thousand pairs. And this means that the blood tested “younger” by about 10 years. The procedure of Parrish passed in Colombia as in the US, such experimentation is prohibited.

The results of the study were confirmed by two independent organizations — the Belgian non-profit organization HEALES (HEalthy Life Extension Company) and the British Research Foundation biogerontology (Biogerontology Research Foundation). The results have not been subjected to expert estimates.

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The second goal of the therapy was aimed at the attempt to suppress the production of myostatin, a protein: it inhibits the growth and differentiation of muscle tissue. This protein is formed in the muscles, and then secreted into the blood. The human myostatin, encoded in the gene MSTN. Animal studies have shown that blocking the action of myostatin leads to a significant increase in lean muscle mass with virtually no fat.


The opinion of Elizabeth herself: “Current therapy “lengthening” the telomere proposes only a change in lifestyle: giving up meat, sports, and avoiding stressful situations. I think it’s ineffective. But the achievements in the field of biotechnology is the best solution, and if the results of an experiment conducted on me, fine, we made a huge breakthrough in science.”

This therapy will help to carry out experiments for research of medicines and disease modeling more quickly and efficiently, and in the future can be used to prolong life.

Perhaps Elizabeth Parrish was a pioneer in the field of gene therapy related with anti-aging, and even more, this may be the first step on the path to immortality. How do you think we are close to a scientific breakthrough or is it all a huge scale PR stunt?

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