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An air leak on the ISS

Утечка воздуха на МКС

Утечка воздуха на МКС

Tonight on the International space station, the alarm went off, warning about air leak. The station crew alternately insulated compartments to isolate the problem until he determined that the leak occurs in the “Soyuz MS-09”, which is now docked to the Rassvet module. In everyday edema of the ship was discovered a hairline fracture sizes, according to preliminary data, 1.5 mm. It was sealed with tape. It is possible to significantly slow down air leakage, but repair work has not been completed. The action plan includes a fill crack sealant, on top of which again will be pasted adhesive tape.

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The crack should not prevent the use of the ship for return to Earth.

Now (15:40 GMT) the atmospheric pressure in module Destiny is about 724 mm Hg. art at the station Usually operates at normal atmospheric pressure.

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