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An unusual room with a built-in flight simulator appeared in a Japanese hotel

Hotel Simulator

Japanese hotel Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu has opened a room with a real airplane flight simulator installed. From the full-fledged training simulators, it is distinguished only by the lack of roll and shaking mechanisms – the simulator is made in the form of a static cockpit. But on the screens that simulate a view from the cockpit, a realistic picture of a flight simulation unfolds.

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Installing such an attraction in a hotel room cost the company $ 92,000, but the owners hope to recoup the cost by renting a room for $ 300 per hour. Guests can stay in the room and play between things, or they can pass the time for the simulator if the room is not busy. Admission is free for everyone – from novice pilots to seasoned aces, from ordinary tourists to aviation workers and special services.

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The simulator depicts the cockpit of a Boeing 737-800 airliner. As content, flights are offered to the virtual surroundings of Haneda Airport, which serves most of Tokyo, as well as Itami Airport, which serves Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe. According to the current pilots, the image on the screen during the maneuvers is very realistic.

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Hotel Simulator

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