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And Orthodox Ukrainians will allow to the Gates of Heaven?

In connection with the split in the Orthodox Church. And now Heaven will also be Ours?

And here I like smart Church Priest explained that in order to get “In Heaven” must often go to services in the Church… But only in Our Orthodox, not Ukrainian… And those who walk in the Christian Catholic or some Protestant will not be passed further than the anteroom of Paradise (predrink?). To say nothing of the fact that different Indians, Chinese ,Africans and even favorite the North Koreans and close will not be admitted to Paradise. FIE on them…And now according to recent reports of a respected Patriarch “of the ROC is forced to sever relations with Constantinople” which provided the Ukrainian Orthodox Church the status of autocephaly.

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Began to live even better…

And do not leave the confidence that so to chat in Paradise we will be mostly in Russian, and a little less often – in Belarusian.

And when you consider that even among the Russian sometimes come across smartmobile and others not worthy of the heavenly life of people, it can be assumed that the number of idea of Paradise does not exceed 1% of humanity.

Overpopulation of Paradise did not expected… Khalyavnykh!!!

Here go to Heaven and listen to one side of a cheerful Patriotic chorus:

“Yah… sail out the painted Stenka Razin Chelny…”, next: “Yeh… well in the USSR…”

And a bit went on and on the other side of Paradise Kusch hear a damsel in distress: “Yah… so many single guys, and I love married…”… Bitch what! Use the fact that the esteemed Paradise of the Administration uncomfortable to legislatively prohibit such earthly lust…

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You can go there without sandals. First, because Paradise wipers are chosen from the best Central Asians who sweep the Paradise trails better brooms than Us in This world, and secondly the heavenly Service is rarely disrupted the planned supply of heat.

Well! Now in Heaven be even better?

about such free, see my “Colorful memories”



So who of us will go to Heaven?

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