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Andrey Makarevich: “Television turns people into vicious morons”

Андрей Макаревич: "Телевидение превращает людей в злобных дебилов"

The leader of the musical group “time Machine” Andrey Makarevich spoke about his work in the expert Council of the state Duma on culture and criticized the program on Russian television. Says the musician, at the Council meeting, he asked just one prohibition: the screams in television.

“Forbid to shout to multiple speakers. Because it just cripples the psyche of people,” said Makarevich, reports Lenta.ru.

Also, according to the musician, 80 percent of the population — are “idiots”. According to the artist, it is necessary to “take for granted”.

“Yes, I have enrolled in the remaining twenty percent”, — said Mr. Makarevich.

Later Andrey Makarevich explained his words about the idiots. As the leader of the “time Machine” has told on air of Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, he just quoted foreign classics:

If people were more educated they would know that said it not me, but Edgar Allan PoE is a great writer. I just quoted it verbatim. And if quite literally, his citation reads: “the Majority is never right. Because most of the world’s population are idiots”. Said this for a long time and, unfortunately, nothing in this plan have not changed. So it is not necessary to project on the poor Russians and poor Makarevich. Got.

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According to the musician, now in the state Duma Council for culture composed of decent people. He identified actors and Directors Alexander Kalyagin, Yevgeniy Mironov, Vladimir Hotinenko, adviser to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Tolstoy, and others. Makarevich said that some things, including politics, they look at different angles, but agree when they talk about culture.

“I was in agreement with almost all. For example, do artistic? Of course not. About quotas in the movie, we should think,” explained the leader of the “time Machine”.

On the establishment of the Public Council under the Committee of culture was announced on 15 December 2018. Makarevich in addition, it also included film Director Karen Shakhnazarov, actors Vladimir Mashkov and Yevgeny Mironov, and another 28 people. The initiator of the Council was the Deputy Elena Yampolskaya, which stressed the need to establish cooperation between the state and the “cultural sphere”.

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Andrei Makarevich in an interview with Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”told what to do at the Public Council, adding that his main goal is to change the city for the better

– If there is a possibility somehow to influence better how will look like our city, that it will happen and how, then I will gladly take part in it. I think that my education and my experience allow you to take part in it.

Not all Russians the appointment of the singer had in mind.

“It is to deprive of citizenship is necessary, but not in members”, comments the user Svetlana Dubovitskaya.

“Who took him about Makarevich probably only know that he’s the lead singer of the “time Machine”. And about his degenerate political views to know — sacaean?”, perplexed Jumfunbur.

“Oh! And it was Timothy or Buzova.)))” — ironically Vald_emar.


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