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Anna Sedokova showed his new apartment

Анна Седокова показала свою новую квартиру The apartment has yet to make repairs.

That before the New year can be a miracle and magic, they believe not only children but also many adults. And even celebrities are no exception.

So, Anna Sedokova admitted that recently realized her dream – she became the owner of the apartment. A luxurious gift made herself a celebrity in New year’s eve. However, according to Anna, to find all the necessary amount for the purchase of real estate has failed, so the artist designed the mortgage.

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“Today I’m proud of myself, today I became so serious. Today I had a big apartment with a fantastic view! The apartment, which I earned myself and true to it, there is a mortgage, but with this I definitely can do! Find 30%, instead of 9 for two weeks, go through a million tests to overcome a thousand and one obstacle, but to do it!” – said Sedokova.

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“Someday I’ll write about this in his book, but it will be a little later. Ahead of a big repair, a lot of worries, but it’s all in the New Year! And today my mom will be proud of me. I did it. Live on!”, – added Anna.

Анна Седокова показала свою новую квартиру

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