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"Apologized, sent": the driver who crushed the puppy accused the teenager of lying

Daily Storm published a man’s story. He claims that he crushed an unattended dog by accident: he rode between garages slowly, slowed down to let the dog pass, but he suddenly threw himself under the wheels. Then, according to him, the 16-year-old owner of the puppy ran out and started pounding the hood with his hands, which left dents. The man claims that the guy immediately began to demand money and did not pay attention to the dead animal.

“At first, eight thousand were demanded, then 8500. Then they said that I would owe them moral compensation,” Alexander said.

According to him, he tried to explain what had happened and apologized, but neither then the teenager, nor later his relatives wanted to make contact.

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“They said,“ shove your apologies to yourself … ”… They are turning to me from a position of strength, threats and extortion,” the car owner said, noting that he hadn’t heard anything from the teenager “except for rudeness and rudeness.” “I apologized, eight once apologized, brought condolences. But they sent me. "

Alexander claims that his statement to the police and the claim for compensation for damage to property was only a response to threats from the teenager and his family. He also noted that for buying a car he saved up money for a long time and received help from relatives, and that this is not a cool SUV, but simpler – a family wagon.

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Finally, the man said, because of the resonance, he and his family began to receive threats from other people: “Phrases sounded that you need to deal with him so that he does not breed and his children too.” Once, even some people personally came to him who wanted to get even, but they managed to explain the situation, Alexander added.

Version of the owner of the dog: "The teenager faces 2 years for hitting a jeep that crushed the puppy"


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