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Archaeologists have solved the mystery of the Chinese tombs

Археологи разгадали загадку китайских гробницThe strange structures there is a logical explanation.

Italian scientist Giulio Malia stated that he was able to explain why some of the mounds in which were buried the emperors of Ancient China were strictly in accordance with the cardinal, and others are not. The researcher suggested that the builders of the pyramids were oriented to the North pole of the world.

For the rulers of building tombs on the sides of light was very important. However, some of them rejected by almost 14 degrees. According to the researcher, this means that either the builders made a mistake, or some rulers relied on other values.

The sides of the trapezoidal mound, which is considered the burial site of Emperor Qin Swandi, is elongated along the axis North-South. That is, its builders certainly focused on the position of the Sun and constellations to find the direction of the South pole.

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And here is the tomb of Emperor gaozu shifted somewhat to the South, closer to around 167 degrees. Following the Emperor’s tomb, which was built in China, again clearly in line with the cardinal. Fifth and sixth emperors moved their tombs, following the example of gaozu.

Malia in his study used the paleomagnetic data, rejecting the possibility of an error of any kind. It also excludes various forms of Chinese geomancy or Feng Shui, devoid of all evidence. He believes that the deviation is reduced to the phenomenon of precession. The rotation axis of the Earth tilts in one direction, when it rotates around the Sun, pointing to two specks in the sky, called the celestial poles.

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This line tilt varies slightly over time, slowly drawing a circle that is about 25.7 thousand years. Therefore, the current Northern pole of the world polarising in North star is different from what was about two thousand years ago. According to Malia, if you trace the path of the Polar star in history, its maximum Western point is correlated with the orientation of each of the tombs of Chinese emperors.

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