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Artificial intelligence has learned how to solve one of the most difficult musical tasks


The eternal debate about whether the robot is to replace humans for real creative work, moved to a new field for confrontation. We are talking about the field of mastering is the final and most difficult processing of music tracks before running them in circulation. This service can cost anywhere from several hundred to several tens of thousands of dollars and sometimes inaccessible to ordinary indie musicians. However, for the third year in a row people’s work in this area unsuccessfully execute a neural network.

Mastering is a precise, on the edge of perception, the configuration of the nuances of musical composition. As the saying goes, in this case, you need to make a “sky is bluer and the grass greener” than it already is. It is a science in which the crucial element is a personal experience and philosophical approach of the mastering engineer, which is almost impossible to reflect in the algorithms and instructions. Therefore, the developers of AI in this area has taken a different path.

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The most popular service for automatic mastering service called Landr, which analyzes the track and then offers one of the typical variants of processing. There are only three schemes, however they are universal and correspond to 90 % of the queries of the audience. In blind tests with the big companies and professional sound engineers in the past year Landr was named the best service for mastering.

A different approach from the company iZotope, whose AI for mastering the track divides into fragments, and then prompts the user to choose the scheme of processing of each. AI takes rough routine work, for which Amateurs have no knowledge and skills, but the responsibility for the outcome lies entirely with the customer service. Today the world has about 10 million tracks produced with use of automatic mastering.

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Themselves mastering engineers in the light of new developments do not lose heart. On the contrary, now finally held an important distinction, musicians can choose between cheap and universal mastering from AI and expensive, but professional people. And it’s much better than when there was no alternative at all, and a promising composition was lost due to the fact that the author or publisher didn’t have money for the final sliphome their product.Source — The Verge

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