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As FSIN called torture

Как во ФСИН называют пытки

“Misbehavior”. “Behave improperly”. “Neuralagia actions.” You know, what is it? So in the FPS called torture. Today the Deputy Director of the Federal penitentiary service Maksimenko those exact words were told about the investigation into the actions of their “employees”. And I never said such a short word “torture.”

Yes, something was filmed in Yaroslavl — it “at least, not decorated” executioners. And how here to do without Freud’s, with its mechanisms of displacement? To call torturers “staff”. Work joint. But torture is torture — already in any way.

And all over the country the Federal penitentiary service found only 42 “ugly case”. You know what qualification is punishment. It’s not torture, not abuse and murder — it’s just a claim to aesthetics and morality.

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And in parallel with the executioners in the words of the confused and “RT”. She wrote a public denunciation, for some reason calling it an investigation. Took a public report of “Medusa” on the financing, found a foreign Fund and immediately ran to the Parliament to take the comment, and as if that is their this case to declare as a foreign agent and close? We have “investigations”.

Called if the scammers in the 37th their paper “investigations”? It may very well be. “I investigated that my neighbor digs a tunnel to the Kremlin to blow personally of comrade Stalin!”. A bold analogy, cringe? No. Vaughn and Soloviev, merged in the arms Peskov, the TV is a new transmission — about Putin. Hour about Putin. As he thinks about the people’s welfare as he works tirelessly as he eats, which he rosy-cheeked chubby.

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And slipped into this rotten molasses — “most human person”. The same Mayakovsky stamp poselivshiesja already 80 years ago, and now sounding a wild parody. But do not hear. Hearing lost, vision on the verge, with only the grasp reflex and uterine roar.

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