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Astronomers predicted summer time stargazing

Астрономы спрогнозировали летний звездопадThe earth will be at aphelion.

The most extended in the XXI century complete Eclipse of the moon and opposition to Mars, as nicely inhabitants of the Earth in July 2018, forecast astronomers.

“In Moscow on 27 July and in most spots of our state can be noticed the coincidence of two uncommon astronomical gatherings — a complete Eclipse of the moon, the longest in the 20-initially century, and the fantastic opposition of Mars. The purple world these times arrive the closest length to the Earth, and in a telescope you can see the specifics of her landscape”, — the gurus of the Moscow planetarium.

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In accordance to them, it is in the center of summer time will be vibrant and even the uncommon celestial phenomena.

So, on July six the Earth will be at aphelion, i.e. at the farthest length from the Sunlight — 152 095 566 km, though July 13 will happen a partial Eclipse of the Sunlight: it will be found in the southern polar latitudes, but in Russia will not be noticed.

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At the finish of the thirty day period will host a summer time stargazing. Meteor shower, the Southern Delta Aquarids from the constellation of Aquarius reaches its peak on July 29-30 and guarantees to observers up to 16 meteors for each hour.

But this 12 months, view for capturing stars need to have the Moon. It will have a stage near to the entire moon and arrives in the vicinity of the radiant — level of departure of the meteors.

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