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At Deutsche Bank there are searches for “Panama records”. These include friends of Putin

В Deutsche Bank идут обыски по «панамскому досье». В нем значатся друзья Путина

German law enforcement authorities carried out searches at the offices of Deutsche Bank, including the Bank’s HQ in Frankfurt. Activities are followed in the case of money laundering, which appeared after the publication of journalists “Panama records”. It is reported Bloomberg.

According to the German prosecutors, two employees of the credit institution has helped clients to register an offshore company, so that through them it was possible to launder crime received money. The names of these employees are not called.

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During the searches the seized documents and electronic media. According to the publication, only the operational-investigative activities involved more than 170 police officers, prosecutors and tax inspectors. Deutsche Bank confirmed the searches, noting that the Bank’s assistance in the investigation.

“Panama records” was published in 2016 by investigative journalists on the basis of leakage of documents from the Panamanian legal company Mossack Fonseca. The materials were devoted to the international network of offshore companies. In the investigation was quoted by foreign and Russian politicians and other famous persons, including the cellist Sergey Roldugin, who is a close friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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As argued by the authors of the report, Roldugin owns offshore companies with a turnover of billions of dollars. Asset management was carried out of the Bank “Russia”, which is called the “Bank of Putin’s friends”.

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