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Australia will transfer to the U.S. of refugee children

The last four children who lived in a refugee camp on the island of Nauru will be sent to the US, said Australian Prime Minister. The country was repeatedly criticized for the exclusion of refugees on remote Islands.

Australia will no longer hold children in located on remote Islands in the Pacific ocean the refugee camps. Of the 109 children who were placed in a refugee camp on the island of Nauru six months ago, there were only four reported on Sunday, 3 February, Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

“Every child asylum-seeker was deported from Nauru or their application has been processed and send from the island directly planned,” the Prime Minister said, quoted by AP.

In the near future, the last children have to leave the camp. But they won’t stay in Australia and will be sent to other countries. In particular, the last four children will go to Nauru with their families in the United States, said Morrison.

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Immigration Minister of Australia, David Coleman said he will PereVesti from the island to Australia families with children will not allow to stay in the country.

“The important principle, that permanent residence in Australia is not available to those who arrive illegally on boats – they are resettled in third countries”, – he said.

Human rights activists criticised Australia for its strict policy towards refugees. The country has resettled all the refugees trying to get her boats, in camp on the island of Nauru and Papua New Guinea. Keep them there when considering applications for asylum in Australia. Activists reported very poor conditions in the camps many refugees are sick, there were numerous attempts of suicide and violence.

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In 2016, the USA declared readiness to accept in the country of the refugees who had been detained on the Islands, but no more than 1250. In 2017 the Australian government has agreed to pay 1900 detainees in these camps the refugees 90 million Australian dollars ($68 million U.S.) in compensation for physical and moral suffering. Court of Papua New Guinea ruled that their presence in the camps was unconstitutional.

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