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4 indication that the driver kills his car

Sometimes you think you are good, and it turns out the opposite 1. A warm garage One of the easiest ways to make quickly rot your car every night and leave it in a warm garage. A warm garage in General is great for storing cars, but not in winter, …

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The Network showed the largest dump new Volkswagen

This is just one of dozens of such sites. Remember the so-called Deselect that erupted in 2015? Today everything seems to be subsided, but some brands are still pulled over for suspicious activity, which often open trials. But it all started with VW in the US. Here you can see …

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Rolls-Royce Cullinan first review: a Kind of assure

Even among the giant and super-expensive off-road “hippos” high-rise Rolls-Royce stands out and surpasses all. In the specs sheet of the new Rolls-Royce Cullinan has everything you need ultraluxury SUV: the new, rigid and durable aluminum architecture; large 563-horsepower V12 outstanding 850 Nm of torque to all wheels; exclusive, luxurious …

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Named the pros and cons of buying American cars

The advantages and disadvantages. Currently, USA is one of leading automobile powers of the world. A history of the American automotive industry has its origin with the 19th century. The products of the American automobile industry is popular all over the world. However, like all other manufacturers, cars from USA …

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BMW claims that the new 3 series will be a game changer

BMW said that the new 3 series “change the game” in terms of driving dynamics. On Tuesday, at the Paris motor show, the automaker tore the veil from the long-awaited seventh generation of the sedan. The company notes that the characteristics and specifications of the sedan, such as design, maneuverability, …

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In Thailand constructed a floating electric car

Auto created ex-engineer ToyotaThe inhabitants of the Thai island of Phuket can buy this floating electric car called the Fomm One. The model development has involved the ex-Toyota engineer Hideo Tsurumaki. Avtokonstruktor began work on the project after the tsunami of 2011. This miniature machine (its length reaches about 2.5 …

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