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Banks invented a new way of fleecing pensioners

Банки придумали новый способ обирания пенсионеров

Banks have introduced a new kind of contribution for retirees. The only problem is that to get back the money invested often can neither retirees, nor their heirs.


Veteran MOE, Muscovite Valentin Y. Glushak in his 82 years, was the victim of one of the largest “state” banks: the pensioner was heated on all his savings – a million rubles!


“I had a million in the Bank at normal Deposit at seven percent per annum, – says Valentin Vasilenko. – Last year ended Deposit period. I began to think about where to “shift” money. Came to your Bank to consult with the Manager”.


The Bank man said the good news is, retirees now have a separate contribution and interest thereon is not 7.2, and as much as a 9.8!


However, the name of the Deposit was unusual. “It was called “life Insurance”. That is, I insure my life and I are of interest. Given to read the contract. It was simple, on one page”.


From Valentin Vasilenko was only required to put his signature on the agreement under which the money Bank were transferred to its subsidiary insurance company: now she had to dispose of the money of the pensioner and to pay him interest.

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The Deposit term was five years. “I said I may not survive, says Glushak. And they said, nothing will live, and if anything, my daughter will get money. Okay, say I agree, I still more interest will not get anywhere. Which Bank will go no more eight are not allowed”.


Entered into a contract. The pensioner assured: oddly enough, you will have the interest! And when retired in a few months came over due interest, suddenly found that they can only get in five years!


It turns out that this condition was written in the Annex to the agreement, to acquaint with which of the pensioner just “forgot”. Valentin Vasilenko said: if so, it takes money.


Then the pensioner was in for a surprise: it turned out that to collect his million back he can’t. “I was given another Annex to the agreement where it says that your first million I need to buy the insurance company… 260 thousand rubles! How so, they say you lied to me! I the pensioner, the invalid of II group, and you have me for two months want to take 260 thousand!”

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But the surprises were not over. The insurance company was not given at the time of conclusion of the basic contract agreement that in case of death Glushak money will get his daughter as heiress. According to employees of the Bank, in the preparation of the document required at least a month.


But or a month, or two, or three no contract daughter has not been compiled.


Now Valentine Emelyanovich two ways: either to redeem his million 260 thousand, or to live until 2023, then the insurance company will give him the money with interest within five years. Unless, of course, will not be ruined by the time: unlike conventional Bank deposits the agreement on life insurance are not insured and if the insurance company suddenly closed, then the insured person will get nothing.

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