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Basel 3: a revolution that no one noticed

Базель 3: революция, которую никто не заметил

Real revolutions are not made on the premises, and in the quiet rooms, and because of the incident of 29 March 2019 world revolution no one noticed

Only on the periphery of the information field passed a small wave, and the impulse died away, because the situation is described in terms that are incomprehensible to the broad masses.

There is no “Liberty, equality, brotherhood”, “homeland or death” or “power to the Soviets, peace to the Nations, bread to the hungry, factory workers, land to the peasants” – these are no masterpieces of world populism was not used.

And because what happened in Russia realized a few people. And given these comments, that the masses or their not listening, or did not read to the end. Or listened, but understood nothing.

And in vain, because the world has changed so dramatically that it is time to Nathan Rothschild, crumpling in hands a hat, to climb on an armored rolls-Royce, and shout with him the whole Universe: “Comrades! World revolution, the necessity of which has long been talked about the revolutionaries, it happened!” And he would be fully human. Just the results of the revolution will be implemented slowly, and because they are invisible to the public. But the consequences, nevertheless, will soon see everything, down to the last cook, not even seeking to learn how to govern.

This revolution is called “Basel III”, and made it the Bank of international settlements the name of the infamous Bernard Baruch. Its essence is as follows: BMR manages the IMF, and that, in turn, the Central banks of all countries. Body such control is called bcbn – the Basel Committee on banking supervision. This is not some long unsold, the US state Department and Congress are U.S. senators. This is not a stupid Pentagon, small Finance, running around on the wings of the CIA or the farmer’s House called “White house”.

It’s not even controlling all this “wealth” banks of the Federal reserve system of the United States. This Government all together. Real world Government, of which the world try not to talk out loud.

Bcbn is the Politburo of the world, whose Secretary, according to rumors, is a friend Baruch, and the underground’s Central Committee and is classified. He has a lot of euphemisms, the most appropriate of which is “gnomes of Zurich”.

The so-called Swiss bankers, and not the owners of commercial banks, namely those sitting in the Swiss city of Basel nondescript men, to attack which would not even Hitler, prisoedinenii to the Reich the whole world, but throughout the war to remain neutral with Switzerland. But, as you know, in Switzerland, besides the Swiss marksmen, the army really not. Who were so afraid of Hitler possessed?

Nevertheless, released 29 March 2019 “recommendations” bkbn with a click of heels immediately taken to the execution of all Central banks of the world. And our Russian Central Bank is no exception. This is even the message of the press service of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, posted on the official website of the Central Bank. It’s called “On the timing of implementing Basel III.” Planned the world revolution was in 2017 (the magic of dates and numbers, or just a coincidence?), and started now.

Its essence is simple. In the world canceled created in 1944 at Bretton woods and reformed in 1976 in Jamaica the system of monopoly of dollar dominance, where gold was abrogated equivalent of world money. The dollar became the world money, gold has become a common commodity, like metal or sugar traded in London on the commodity exchanges. However, determined by weather, there are only three firms “pool of London” owned and that the smaller number of owners, but, nevertheless, filling in the dollar was not gold, but oil.

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Since we live in such a world. Gold was considered the reserve of the third category for all banks, from Central to commercial, where the reserves were primarily in dollars and U.S. bonds. The rules of Basel III require an increase primarily of cash reserves. This bound volume of the money resources of banks, which they could make expansion, but was a necessary measure to preserve the stability of the global banking system that the crisis revealed the failure.

In Russia patriots very indignant, demanding rejection of Basel III, which has been called a symptom of “lack of sovereignty”. Actually this is quite a common requirement to comply with world security standards of banks, which have become tougher, but since we did not print dollars, the us is, of course, beat.

And since the alternative is an exit from global financial linkages in complete isolation, then this crap, this is the patriots, the word “sovereignty”, our government, of course, to take unwilling. Called the sovereignty, the freedom to stick his head in the loop – this will agree, a strange interpretation of the term.

The decision of Basel III has meant that banks ‘ balance sheets of the world gold as a reserve third category was estimated before 50% of its value. In this case, all the owners of the world money trading gold not in kind, but on paper, without moving the actual metal, which in the world is not enough for the real deals.

This was done in order to push the price of gold to keep it as low as possible. First of all, it is in the interest of the dollar. Because the dollar is tied to oil, which was to cost not less than the price of one gram of gold per barrel.

And now “just simply” decided to classify the gold third, and the first category. And so it is possible now to evaluate not 50, and 100% of its value. This leads to the revaluation of the currency balance. As applied to Russia, this means that we can now, all legally pour into the economy nearly 3 trillion rubles.

If sure, then of 2.95 trillion rubles, or $ 45 billion at the exchange rate plus the current balance sheet. CBR can inject this money into our economy at all legally. He actually received – not yet known. Haste here without calculating all the consequences of ultrahazardous. Although this issue is considered non-inflationary, in fact much more complicated.

In the world within a few months unless something changes. Reversal will be very slow. The US gold reserves is officially 8133,5 tons, but there is such a thing as a fiscal multiplier: one gold dollar the banks print 20-30 paper-computer.

That is, the US can obtain in addition to officially, a total of 170 billion dollars, and given the multiplier effect of 4.5 trillion dollars. This explains why the fed holds the rate hike and still retains a policy to reduce currency balance – the jump fear of hyperinflation.

But their foreign exchange reserves now will re-assess all of the state’s largest holders of gold. Germany, Italy, France, Russia, China and Switzerland – countries where gold reserves exceed 1 thousand tons.

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Note – this list is not inflated Britain. Its inventory is less than 1000 tonnes. Experts suspect that perhaps not coincidentally the release date EU date of Basel III. The increased financial power of the European leaders of France and Germany is able to fully complete the rout of Britain on the European continent. I had to get out as quickly as possible.

Thus, we would like to congratulate the era of the dollar, lasting from 1944 to 2019, over. Now gold reinstated and is not exchange metal, but a world money along with the dollar, Euro and British pound.

Now gold will rise in price, and its price will rise with 1200-1400 dollars per Troy ounce to 1800-2000 dollars by this fall. It is now clear why Russia and China all these years so persistently poured revenues from exports to the growth of gold reserves. We have a situation when to sell the gold in the world now, not one.

Injection of additional money the world economy will last for 5-6 months. In the U.S. this money can be used to repay the astronomical debt on the debt. Perhaps this was not the last motive for this decision of Zurich. But the thing is trying to slip out from under the leaning tower of Pisa falling dollar.

As the dollar and oil prices are linked, the rise in the price of gold will draw the oil price. Now a barrel costs the same as a 1,627 grams of gold. An increase in price will cause the collapse of the world economy, where 85% of the cash dollar supply is spinning in the stock surrogates of stocks, bonds and treasuries. To associate an additional mass of money exchange can not.

The oil will be fine, even perhaps better than anyone, but not for long. The collapse of the economy due to high oil prices will collapse and oil. This is the main reason why our right to issue additional shares may be used in full, although a gift like this is completely ignored.

However, why the decision of Basel is the revolution? Because since the fall in the global economy, start a financial flood. This will result in the acceleration of separation from the system of the dollar by Russia and China and the collapse of economies, fully hanging on the dollar are countries that the US vassals. They will be the worst. This means that the reason to get the distance between the EU and the United States will increase significantly. The world is waiting for redrawing the map of global alliances.

And redrawing of these unions will be held not in the last instance by military means. Or partial use, but somehow, the force of the arguments in the world will increase to a level almost guaranteed war. “Almost” is our hope for salvation, as the U.S. is losing all the main instruments of influence on the world. In addition to strength.

But not for “gnomes of Zurich” created this world to US so it just turned into radiation ashes. The United States will be watered with cold water, as an emergency nuclear reactor, and the world has entered a period of the global transformations in the last few centuries. Revolution about which so long spoke to those who waited, and those who feared it, had begun. Please fasten seatbelts and no Smoking, the captain and crew wish you a pleasant flight.

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