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Beginning actors are waiting for master classes in GITIS

The master class at the Russian Institute of Theatrical Art – GITIS will be held as part of the All-Russian cultural and social project "Theater-Children" on August 2 at 15:00. Senior Lecturer in the Department of Drama Directing Mikhail Chumachenko will conduct a lesson "Exercises for Beginning Actors".

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Teenagers will learn how to train memory, expressiveness, imagination, facial expressions and confidence, and will feel themselves in the role of freshmen in theater universities. Two more master classes in acting will be held in GITIS in September.

The events are included in the program “Theater Sketches: Master Classes and Creative Meetings” of the All-Russian Cultural and Social Project “Theater-Children”. Throughout the year, interactive performances, meetings and lectures on the theater are held in Russian cities. Thanks to creative activities, children and adolescents can join the world of art.

Recall that in the framework of the "Theater-Children" project, the All-Russian competitions of drawings and essays "We write about the theater!" For children from 6 to 16 years are held. Entries are accepted by email: [email protected]

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In autumn, the winners of the Theater-Children project will visit a shift at the Artek International Children's Center as part of the Art-Theater profile squad. For children, meetings will be organized with professional actors, directors, film actors, as well as visits to the theaters of the Republic of Crimea to familiarize themselves with the technical part, the organization of the theater, workshops and costume rooms. For the winners, master classes will be organized on the stage of the theater. The large-scale cultural and social project “Theater-Children” was organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation as part of the Theater Year in 2019.

“Theater-Children” is a large-scale cultural and social project dedicated to the Year of Theater in Russia. The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation, GITIS, RGISI, the Moscow Art Theater School and Theater Institute, are participating in the implementation of the Theater-Children project. B. Schukin, VTU them. M.S. Schepkina. The initiative shows children the traditions of world and Russian theater, its history and various directions. Among the objectives of the project are conducting educational events with the participation of leading theater groups and universities in Russia, creating conditions for the development of creative abilities, theatrical art, introducing children to the Russian spiritual heritage and theatrical culture, popularizing theatrical art among young people, creating a communication environment and conditions for self-realization, increasing social and creative activity of the younger generation.

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