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Björk and Microsoft taught AI to compose music by watching birds and clouds


The new joint project of Björk and Microsoft received the poetic name “Kórsafn”. It uses artificial intelligence, which is entrusted with composing music in real time, drawing inspiration from changing weather and events in the sky of the Earth. In particular, he knows how to react to flying birds and recognize the shape of clouds – AI interprets them as commands to change the direction of the melody.

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Non-stop tunes are played non-stop in the lobby of the Sister City Hotel in New York, composed of excerpts from choir arrangements of Björk songs, including the newest ones written by the Icelandic choir Hamrahlida. This music database has become the basis of data for the AI, which observes the panorama of the sky over New York through a special camera on the roof of the hotel. Artificial intelligence analyzes the image of the sky and selects the appropriate musical fragments to create new music.

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It is reported that Kórsafn is trained to respond flexibly to fast and rare events, such as an airplane flight. But at the same time, he knows how to take into account the change in atmospheric pressure and the schedule of sunsets and sunrises in order to compose music “in advance”. Also, he knows how to take into account long-term trends tied to seasonal phenomena.

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