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BMW claims that the new 3 series will be a game changer

BMW заявляет, что новая 3 серия будет гейм ченджером

BMW said that the new 3 series “change the game” in terms of driving dynamics.

On Tuesday, at the Paris motor show, the automaker tore the veil from the long-awaited seventh generation of the sedan. The company notes that the characteristics and specifications of the sedan, such as design, maneuverability, handling, fuel efficiency and advanced equipment raised to an even higher level thanks to the “digital engineering and testing”.

“We will prove that the new 3 series remains the most athletic sedan in its segment”, – said during the presentation of the car at the motor show, head of engineering at BMW’s Klaus Froehlich. “The new generation better than the previous in all aspects. It represents the BMW brand like no other [car]. The heart and soul of BMW,” said he.

BMW engineers redesigned the body structure of the sedan and chassis technology resulting in improved dynamics, handling, steering and braking system”.

“Basis to achieve the secured by optimization of weight, low center of gravity, perfect 50:50 weight distribution on the rear and front axle, and most importantly, the front and rear track are increased, compared with the previous model,” – said in a statement BMW.

Total body rigidity 3 series increased by 25 percent, and in certain places it is increased up to 50 percent, says BMW.

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The car is the first BMW model that will get a new shock absorption technology. The shock absorbers with variable rigidity (depending on level) become part of the standard supply of chassis, which improves the sportiness and comfort to unattainable for competitors level, says BMW.

In addition, the weight of the body 3 series was reduced 55 lbs. Front spring strut and the engine cradle is now made of aluminium, so the weight of the “body in white” has decreased on 30 kg.

The new 3 series is longer, wider and taller than the current model and, as stated by BMW, received a more extended dynamic proportions and muscular to become. More than the car’s long wheelbase and an increased track significantly improved maneuverability.

Initially, dealers in Europe will be offered a 318i model equipped with four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. A 1.5-liter 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, badged 316i expected, will join the lineup later.


New technologies


The sedan received new tech gadgets, such as opening doors with a smartphone, automatically riding back and help the driver, who study the usual manner of the driver. So, the driver can use their smartphone instead of a key, and you can have it just put it in the tray for wireless charging.

In addition, the car can move back into automatic mode at a distance up to 50 meters, helping the driver with Parking or moving in tight spaces, but for this, he must first record the movements of the steering wheel.

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Along with this, the car has an improved driver assistance system, including optional active cruise control operating in the speed range from 0 to 210 km/h and can brake the car to a complete stillness. Now system sensors record not only what is happening directly in front of the car, but also to the front of the car. The brake function in the city (City Braking) also warns the driver of bikers and pedestrians.

Assistance system for driving in traffic and congestion are designed to adapt to movement in the stop mode-go at speeds up to 60 km/h, so the driver is not necessary every 30 – 50 seconds to adjust the movement of the wheel.

The 3 series will appear at dealers in the US and Europe next March. Prices for 3 series will start from 37,850 euros ( at dealers in Germany), while in the showrooms of dealers USA the car will cost from $40,200, plus $995 for shipping.

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