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Сытые не разумеют

— Uncle Moishe, what you can say for the MMM pyramid? It is profitable?
— Sam, do not tell me! The biggest pyramid is the Pension Fund of Russia! Invested and get survivors…

Do the well-fed man of unclear problems hungry person! As one of the French Queen: “If they have no bread, why don’t they eat cake?!”This expression precisely defines the current situation in Russia, where the role of the fed the power structures that reflect the interests of big, very big capital, but the role allotted to the hungry common people.

According to the accounting chamber of the Russian Federation, the social structure of Russian society is such that more than 13% of the population have an income below the subsistence minimum. It’s the poor people who do not have enough money for food. More than 60% of the population — the poor, who have enough money to gold and communal food, but not enough on everything else — including not only the repair of old or purchase of new housing, but also medicines, the education of children. Don’t believe? Come join us in Togliatti. You will see that our mayor is engaged in the improvement of the city — new asphalt, new roads and lawns. Thanks to him! That’s just the house in the city center with half-broken balcony, a dirty ragged facades and roofs. And here the mayor is powerless.

However, the mayor of Samara and then found a way out. To the world Cup, he took it and stood in a very beautiful kilometers of fences all nidubrolu, that is, all the old collapsed house and domeski.

People living in provincial towns and villages, in fact, receive a miserable salary: 15-25 thousand rubles. And surprisingly, each year on the background of rising income poverty, the oligarchs, government officials and deputies. For example, the salaries of the Deputy Prime Minister A. Siluanov 1 million 730 thousand rubles. per month. But on top of the next richest (Forbes) were representatives of state-owned companies, that is, people hired by the government to control state enterprises: — head of OAO “Gazprom” Miller — 27 million dollars. in the year, the head of Sberbank German Gref — 13.5 million dollars. annually, more than 2 million rubles a day, etc.

In Russia the monstrous contrast between the rich and the poor. In this case, all income poor and poor, rich and very rich we are subject to a flat income tax of 13% from zero, that is, all equally, with all the “little”. At the St. Petersburg economic forum (SPIEF-2018) Russia’s Finance Minister Siluanov said: “We believe the low level of taxation of citizens of one of our greatest conquest.” Here he is right — we siluanova long won. They believe that the Russians have quietly eat all this nonsense, so cynically lie and not going to change terribly perverse tax policy.

Last years in Russia there is a total misinformation, and more precisely, brainwashing the population about the necessity and inevitability of the flat tax system. All TVs of the country, all the media stubbornly silent about absolutely kills the pension, medical and social insurance, the absolutely insane tax, called insurance premiums. Absurd parasitic insurance system introduced by the law 212-FZ of 24.07.2009 “On insurance contributions”, and, 2017, secured by the Tax code. Under this law, the wage we are not only subject to income tax, but a compulsory insurance payments, which are disgusting class character. They are regressive: 30% of salary to 85 thousand rubles. per month and 15.1% with high wages, that is, the less people earn, the more you pay.

No! If a regressive scale of insurance contributions combined with progressivly income tax all over the world (the maximum income tax rates in developed countries 35 to 57%), then we would have had to apologize to siluanova, legislative fornication which knows no boundaries. But Russia, unlike all the leading countries, introduced a flat rate rates of income tax. Combined with the regressive scale of insurance contributions from our flat rate long turned into a regressive scale on the payroll taxes: 43% (30%+13%) with low wages and 28.1% (15.1% and+13%) with salaries in excess of 85 thousand rubles.per month.

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According to the tax code of the Russian Federation (article 419), payers of insurance contributions announced some “persons making payments to physical persons”, or cashiers, or accountants… But siluanova, we explained that it is the employers — Director, school Director, etc. Curious where employers take the money for paying the insurance? Not from your own pocket? For example, where it takes the money of a foreign employer AVTOVAZ? The premiums on the Vase of billions. Vases for several years unprofitable enterprise. Therefore, the payment of insurance premiums directly leads to the reduction of the salaries of employees. Other legitimate sources of payment of the insurance, the employer simply no.

In contrast to the Vase, “Gazprom”, “Rosneft”… profitable enterprise. Miller receives “white” wages. Premiums on all legal grounds they are included in the cost (cost) of energy production, respectively increasing the rates at which we pay and communal, that is, compensate the millers insurance payments with their Golden paycheck.

But where to take money for payment insurance our the largest employers of Russia — the heads of Federal, regional and local authorities and institutions?

“Good” employers-employees in the composition of the wage Fund get the money to pay the premiums for civil servants and state employees from the consolidated budget of the Russian Federation. They, or rather their accountants first calculated insurance payments from the salary of each employee. Then 22% of the money to the Pension Fund, 5.1% in health insurance Fund and 2.9% to the social insurance Fund.

Then there are public sector workers living on our taxes, a portion of these taxes paid to the state as taxes…! For example, the Deputy Prime Minister Siluanov, the salary is 150 times more recently increased to RUB 11163 minimum wage (SMIC), the famous pays only 13% and the premiums for it from the budget lists his employer, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

No! Insurance premiums, but rather social taxes, there are in all civilized countries of the world. But you will not find any one country in the world where the President, Prime Minister, Finance Minister and all state employees insurance would pay, we, the taxpayers! They have state employees pay insurance themselves of hard-earned money. They have a decent salary that provides them a decent pension. The minimum salary is 10-15 times higher and prices of goods a maximum of 3 times above the Russian. For example, the Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may with his salary (16 542 USD. month) which is not 150, but only 10 times more English than the minimal salary (minimum wage) pays social tax on a regressive scale of rates from 12% to 2% and income tax at up to 45%.

We have 70% of employees are unable to provide themselves even the minimum pension. Simply of their contributions (premiums) is not enough: even from the salary of 25 thousand payments (22%) of 5,5 thousand roubles a month. Therefore the minimum pension of 8 thousand includes the gain from the Federal budget of the subsistence minimum.

Apparently, therefore, the vast majority of the Russian population quite seriously believes that the pensions it pays to the state. The system of mandatory insurance in Russia most opaque and confusing. The employment agreement specifies the employee’s salary, completely “purified” from insurance contributions, so the employee does not “see” those payments which makes him in the social funds of the employer, and did not know what to retire the whole of his adult working life deducted money from his salary. That is, the state in fact has already shifted the pension provision of the people for the people.

The power of deceiving us, manipulating our money without our consent. Legalized form of robbery of Russians siluanova called insurance premiums. You have to convince the President that we pay from the wages only 13% of the budget and social funds 30% in the us and 15.1% for the rich is paid by the employer.

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Social networks are increasingly troubled by the fact that the rate of insurance contributions with higher salaries in 2 times lower than with our poverty wages. To understand people it is possible, but it is a pity the Prime Minister. As an employer he will have only the salary of Deputy Prime Minister Siluanov annually to pay not three, but six million rubles.

The budget will burst, and that utility rates be? After all, the millers receive a “Golden” salary. But only Miller! Rest of today cheaper not to pay insurance premiums, and to pay the salary in envelopes. Cannibalistic, limping on both legs, the tax system has led Russia to what is now a huge reservoir of able-bodied people working “in grey”, because if you pay “white”, then the employer will have 2 times to cut the pay of the employee. According to estimates of the Ministry of Finance (main directions of budgetary policy for 2018), the amount of “gray” wage Fund, from which taxes are not paid, exceeded 10 trillion rubles. per year! This payroll is 30 million people forced to work in informal segment of the Russian economy. Accordingly, a revenue shortfall of more than 4 trillion roubles By assessments of rector of Academy of labor and social relations Safonova, only the losses of the Pension Fund exceed 2.3 trillion.

The Pension Fund deficit continues to grow uncontrollably, budget subsidies to the Fund exceeded 50%. Money is sorely lacking, and the rate of insurance contributions, and so transcendental — 30%. Siluanova now trying to plug a hole in Pension Fund increase in retirement age by 5 years. But the hole-bottomless, she has turned into the abyss. The current system of pension insurance, but rather the retirement of survival, collapsed. Its repair costs Russia much more than the construction of a new fair tax system.

It’s a shame for the power and for the President too! During the video message to the citizens of Russia on 29 August he said: “a Progressive tax can only “to patch holes”. The problem of payment of pensions will not solve. According to the Finance Ministry, the increased rate, for example, 20% to high income will give you a maximum of 120 billion rubles per year.”

Excuse Me, Mr President. Rate increases with high returns up to 20% does not make our regressive tax scale is progressive. Do the math: 20%+15,1% will only 35,1%, not 43%, we pay miserable wages. Progressive scale of taxation is less than the salary, the less taxes the more you earn, the more you take. While poor pays nothing, or pays a penny. Rich people are few, they are easy to control. And we have the opposite. We have the most unique in the world tax system, in which one-third of Russians — is powerless slaves. On payday they are waiting for: Il will, Il will not — let’s have a drink here…

Russia is the only country in the world, to the extent that distortions of the tax system, even for the President, this system remains a mystery. All the talk about the unsuitability for us works perfectly in the world of progressive taxation is a lie Kudrin, siluanova! If we had a tax system, such as, for example, in the United States, in Sweden or Britain, Japan or Israel, due to the windfall, our budget would have increased not 120 billion, and at several trillion rubles.

 Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! Recently you said, “All must fit into common sense and do not get to insanity.” We believe that this applies not only to “cases Skrypalia”, but the Russian tax system.

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