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Caviar created a hybrid XS iPhone and Apple Watch 4

The Caviar company that produces ultralarge version of smartphone from Apple went even further and presented a device that combines iPhone XS and the Apple Watch 4. This is no joke – the company has really combined both of these devices, but any full-fledged merger of the question.

A new creature Caviar is called WatchPhone, and that the iPhone XS, to the back cover which has attached Apple watch 4. it is unknown why they exist, but the glue is, apparently, very expensive, as is the gadget as a very good car or apartment in a provincial Russian town. The issue price is 1 400 000 rubles (1 million 400 thousand rubles, Yes). The number of instances of this mutant, preparing to roll off the production line, not specified – apparently, few people will be willing to pay such money for such an expensive hack.

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Of course, did not disappear branded accents of real gold, but, in fact, it’s the same iPhone XS from the point of view of functionality. But the clock of his opportunity lost, because the sensors are on the rear panel of the housing. It is not excluded that they can still be worn on the arm, but the IPhone on your wrist would look even more ridiculous than the WatchPhone. In short, better Caviar, and then releases phones with the image of the one whose name cannot be called – it’s a win-win.

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