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China will stop experiments on babies

В Китае остановят эксперименты над младенцамиThe news about editing the genes of a newborn shocked the world.

The Chinese government has ordered to temporarily suspend the work of a group of Chinese academic Cisangkuy Hae, who earlier this week announced the birth of the first in the world CRISPR-children.

The scientist said that in November the twins were born, in which he attempted to create resistance to HIV by disabling the gene for CCR5. Ho told about his work in an interview with the Associated Press, scientific articles about his research or independent evidence yet. However, his University and hospital, which allegedly approved the study he said that he was shocked by the news and their own investigations. China’s national health Commission is also investigating the situation. He, meanwhile, announced that another member of his research already pregnant.

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Reuters quoted the Xinhua news Agency, which, citing the Ministry of health and of science and technology States that “the relevant authorities have already been ordered to suspend research work [the project]”. According to the AP, the Chinese Deputy Minister of science and technology Nanping Xu said in an interview with state television CCTV that his Ministry is strongly against this project, and called the actions of Ho and his colleagues illegal and unacceptable.

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He himself, as reported by the Agency, left Hong Kong, which hosted the international summit on the editing of the human genome, saying through a representative that will remain in China and, in particular, will provide the raw data from his experiment for the independent review.

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