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Computed tomography of the head: What is it?

Компьютерная томография головы: Что это?

Computed tomography is one of the main methods of diagnosis and study of internal organs, this method is based on the use of x-rays.

Conventional radiographic method can provide only a snapshot in one projection, while the use of CT gives the opportunity to see the object from all sides and completely, every inch.

Actually, there are several types of computed tomography and computer tomography of the head is one of them. For what need this type of research?

Problem of computer tomography of head

The main objective of this method of research involves a detailed study of the brain of the patient and his environment: bones, skull and so on. Computer imaging will help to identify violations in the body, presence of inflammation, tumors and other abnormalities.

In some cases, this type of diagnosis use planning, some of them urgent, it is associated with having a head injury (bump, bruise, accident and other reasons).

Computed tomography of head is divided into two types:

  • native (without contrast);
  • with the use of a contrast agent that is administered to a patient intravenously.

Contrast enters the brain and is distributed through the vessels of the body, which helps the technician to see the work of blood vessels and the brain.

If scanning is performed in the first phase of contrast enhancement (arterial ), the specialist will be able to clearly see the arteries and body, it helps to diagnose their pathology, according to another disease is called “aneurysm”. The next step may be to examine the veins of the brain, it also helps to confirm or refute the suspicion of a neurosurgeon, doctors say. This is a special 3-D picture of the human brain.

This picture will help the doctor to examine the state of the brain of the patient, he will be able to increase certain areas of the body if necessary and to notice even small but very important differences and foci of inflammation. No other methods of diagnosis will not be able to give such detailed results. That is why computer imaging is so widely used around the world.

Indications for use of CT of the brain

Data readings can be completely different, but there are the main ones:

  • The occurrence of traumatic brain injury that a person can get by any means.
  • Suspicion of a tumor in the brain.
  • Pathology in blood vessels.
  • To determine the consequences of head injuries.

It should be noted that this procedure is absolutely painless and safe for the patient. Do not worry about discomfort and set yourself up negatively. Remember that KT is a true helper for your health, which brings no harm.

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