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Country repression

Dacha Amnesty”, designed to ease the process of registration of ownership of the cottage garden and the house, not only end prematurely, but also threatens to become its opposite. In the summer the state Duma adopted amendments to the law on cadastre, which impose additional barriers to legalization of real estate. Now registration of houses built on land for individual housing construction (IZHS), you want to grant permission to build.

However, since the beginning of the “dacha Amnesty” in 2006, many people stopped to issue the permit because under the simplified procedure of registration (formally, it is valid until 1 March 2018) complete the necessary procedures can be had without it. Thanks to the efforts of legislators preferential regime suddenly ended: cadastral chamber give people in registration of objects of individual housing, which houses virtually become subject to demolition “illegally built”.

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Experts believe that such actions of the cadastre chambers contrary to the law. The lack of a building permit cannot serve as a basis for refusal of registration of real estate, says the managing partner of the company “MIEL” Vladimir Yakhontov. According to the law “About country Amnesty”, for registration of ownership in the property under the simplified procedure this document is not required. Registration for individual housing construction it is necessary to go through several registration steps:

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1. Obtain a technical passport (called BTI staff that produce measurements form the inventory).

2. Getting the cadastral passport of the house (issued by the Cadastre chamber on the basis of technical passport).

3. Registration of ownership of the house (cadastral passport at home along with the land documents are Rosreestr).

“Registration at the land category individual housing construction not applicable only to those buildings that have the signs of “mnogopartiinosti” that is designed to accommodate more than one family, — says Yakhontov. — This group includes various types of semi-detached housing (townhouses, duplexes, quadrohouse, etc.), low-rise and high-rise apartment building”.

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