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Curiosity discovered on Mars historical sea shells

This is a different evidence that when-that on Mars there was the ocean.

Shots of the probe Curiosity under no circumstances stop to be sensational.

A different analyze of a sequence of photos transmitted to Earth, UFO researcher Scott Waring discovered traces of historical everyday living on the purple earth.

In his belief, the photos depict the fossilized stays of sea shells. So on Mars have been seas or oceans. Mainstream science is skeptical of this kind of statements. Currently numerous discovered in the photographs from Mars and sculptures, and of typical geometric condition.

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It is thought that this kind of artifacts can not be fashioned by normal triggers. Some supporters of conspiracy theories and is subjected to the precision of the photographs Curiosity, which NASA posts on open up obtain. The controversy encompassing the mission, the probe will not subside till now.

Skeptics are blamed on normal phenomena, ufologists locate all the new inconsistencies with approved idea.

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