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DARPA started to create AI to control unmanned fighter

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Agency DARPA has initiated the development of AI, capable of performing in a group air combat function led that will cover the “real” pilots from the rear.

This AI is supposed to equip drones or robotic fighters. As stated by DARPA, the primary responsibility for the outcome of air combat will continue to lie with the pilots. However, if the AI will eventually be able to master the same abilities, the speed of computer speed and memory will become invaluable AIDS for pilots.

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DARPA initiated the program “Development of the fighting in the air” (ACE), which is the so-called “mosaic war” that is based on the interaction of crews with machine intelligence.

In its current form, the program TEACHER will teach the AI to fight on the level of aviation cadets. Initially, it will teach the basic rules of engagement, after which simple scenarios of one-on-one duel, and then proceed to more complex options. In this flight instructor aboard an Autonomous aircraft will be able to assess and control the level of fighting skill of the AI.

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According to experts DARPA, the goal of the program is to develop the AI the ability to operate in conditions close to the fighting, and to improve the interaction between him and the fighter pilots.Source — DARPA

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