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Dead taxi driver spent 10 days in a car in the north-east of Moscow

As it became known to MK, a white Nissan stood near house 30 on Yenisei Street. Later, local residents recalled that the car appeared in the yard about 10 days ago.

“Nissan” had tinted rear windows, and on the front hung something like a mesh, so what is in the cabin was not visible from the street. But in fact, a dead man was lying on the driver's seat. The janitor, cleaning the surrounding area, recognized the corpse by smell. He approached the car, peered through the net and rushed to call “112”. The police had to plug their nose when they opened the door – there was a decomposed body on the chair. According to the documents, they established their identity – a 35-year-old resident of Ivanteyevka named Maxim, he worked as a taxi driver. According to local residents, taxi drivers in this yard often sleep after a shift. The death was not criminal in nature, most likely the man died due to heart problems. Criminal investigation officers have to establish the relatives of the deceased. Most likely, the man was lonely, since no one grabbed him.

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