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Deloitte in Russia smart speakers not sold

Deloitte presented the results of the research of Russian market of smart devices and came to the conclusion that not all smart gadgets the Russians are interested in. In particular, in our country nobody needs smart speakers, although the rest of the world their sales are growing.

At Deloitte there is an explanation for all this, and it is simple as two pennies – in the market there is interesting and available devices. Google and Amazon don’t want to take us to their products, Apple HomePod not smarter than the boots, but Yandex.Station is too expensive for its features. To bring speakers from China also not an option – their voice assistants only understand the characters, though not without exceptions.

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In the end, the report says Deloitte, smart speakers, the Russians simply without the need for the basic functionality on the territory of Russia they are not to seek, and to pay, given the state of the economy, few people are ready. But even if you bring Amazon products to Russia, it still is not accustomed assistant Alexa doesn’t understand in Russian. The only option is to bring a column from Google with her Assistant, but again, all this dancing with a tambourine. Much easier on the smartphone to install the Assistant or Alice and to control the playback of music on it.

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