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Dubai — the prototype of the cities for survival during global warming


A future main area of the Emirate and the name of the city of Dubai will become a model example of “man-made open space”. This is a huge space under the dome, which housed several city blocks and infrastructure. Similar structures, but much smaller scale, the city has several dozen, and all together they give an idea of how people can survive in the face of increasing heat.

In summer, the temperature in the desert around Dubai ranges from 41-48 degrees Celsius and no special equipment is under the open sky is dangerous to health. In addition, proximity to the sea provides high humidity – if the global temperature continues to rise, living here will be impossible. But today, the rich inhabitants of the Emirate live in almost ideal conditions, hiding from the sun under a transparent roof.

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The main controlled climate and indoor passages between buildings. In fact this whole street and square under the dome, but they allow you to maintain acceptable conditions. However, you have to sacrifice freedom, because the road from home to work, Park, shop, cinema, court or children’s garden is under the roof and covered space, though large, but limited. It’s not a closed sterile area, you can sit in the car or on the subway to get to another area with similar conditions. But out of protective buildings to be extremely uncomfortable.

Partly because there are concentrated areas of poor people, migrants from Asian countries who have no citizenship of the Emirate, but because they are on the lowest rung of the social ladder. In contrast to the luxurious areas under the domes, then infrastructure is the most primitive and salvation from the heat no, no one is investing in the development of slums. And so are destined to live to all mankind, with a rigid division between rich and poor. However, if global warming will break out at full power, the rising level of the oceans flooded and the edge of the village, and the entire Dubai as a whole.

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