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Economic structure and demography of the state

Экономический строй и демография государства

The latter is very surprising news that Japan starts accepting labor migrants, the authorities of Germany said that expanding the admission of migrant workers.

In Poland began to worry that the Ukrainians are beginning to move West and their entire economic growth due to cheap labor will cease and the heavy industries, mines and plantations, there will be nobody to work. In Germany not only do not have enough techs to service the liberal abandoned children the elderly, and teachers for secondary education.

In some EU countries, already there were cases when children are removed for frivolous reasons foreigners to at least somewhere to take children. South Korea’s birth rate is almost two times less than in North Korea, and if there is a Union, more in the interests of the South, who had to work in the factories. In Lithuania, can’t find assistant farmer for manure.

In Russia at the top discuss the problem, where to find Russian-speaking specialists for various sectors of the economy.

And everywhere the need is not lawyers and economists with managers and workers, construction workers and engineering staff.

And all of these civilized, and therefore endangered countries need to prepare educated professionals who are ready for a little money to lift their economies.

And it is not surprising that all these States as needed Belarusians, given that we still have a vocational education, and there all fields of modern industry.

The lasting impression that the civilized Nations stopped any attempt to raise the level of demography on their own.

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By the way, Germany in the postwar period has tried to solve the problems of demography at the expense of the Turkish people, but it turned out that after a generation of Turks are famous for large families with many children in Germany to have children to stop.

Now the media debate and arguments, all trying to understand what circumstances affect the demographics. Capitalists and liberals insist that children do not give birth because the people did not go like this, and offer people to clone. The Communists claim they will give birth only when there are free apartments and large benefits.

But practice shows that the first and second results brings. Because of the high child benefits and social housing has not brought results in the same Germany, France or Sweden.

In the USSR, where the population is still growing, especially before the collapse of the free apartments and other perks of a family with three children was not in the majority.

And at the same time in Venezuela, where there is a permanent economic crisis, the population is growing by half a million people a year. What can we say about Africa and the Middle East, where a large family, the norm rather than the exception.

So why civilized countries and peoples, their future is practically non-existent, with all the benefits and the increased level of consumption? Nobody would argue with the fact that the future of the people, which children do not give birth, can not be.

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To understand this, you should probably learn from the most successful representatives, and it turns out that the most successful in our world, representatives of world elite is just different and admirable fecundity.

And it is no secret why families of bankers, owners of corporations, plants and ships you need a lot of children. Each representative of the ruling families of the global elite is the main task in life is to transfer money and power to the next generation. The only way they can secure a decent old age. And how many thousands of businesses, corporations and enterprises died when heirs have lowered the inheritance at the casino and drank and count difficult.

That give birth to the ruling elite a lot of kids to educate them all how to rule the world, and was from whom to choose the most worthy.

From which we can conclude that give birth to children only those who need them and to properly educated children provide older generations with a dignified old age. And it doesn’t matter what family is family, farmers, or bankers.

Well, the Belarusian authorities should be clear that if our youth is not their national dreams and perspectives of development in Belarus, a lot of people who gladly will host the Belarusians in as cheap labor. Especially because they don’t need 20 years to grow, to teach and educate, and it is possible to obtain ready-made specialists.

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