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Belorusneft increases oil production in Ecuador 2 times

The state-owned company Belorusneft increases oil production in Ecuador. It happened after the Belarusians drilled 4 new wells. On this portal neft.by said the head of the foreign economic activities of “Belorusneft” Andrew Bohan. In 2013, Ecuador had established a subsidiary “Belorusneft”, JSC “Service oil Ecuador S. A. Aquaservis”. From …

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Moscow and Minsk are on the verge of a new trade war

“Russia has become emboldened to such an extent that they begin to twist arms of Belarus”. This statement in plain text has been made by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on Thursday, April 11. However, he did not specify who exactly in Russia has in mind. According to BelTA, Lukashenko also …

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Tajik labor migrants is Russia go to Turkey

In the hallway of the seventh floor located in Istanbul the Hotel Malkoc from time to time from behind the door of one of rooms sounds executable to Persian songs. That is what has been suggested here recently, the reporter Eurasianet.org that the guest staying in this room for a …

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Putin flies over to the Arab oil sheikhs

The Russian foreign Ministry is preparing a visit of Vladimir Putin to the Gulf monarchies, which in these States pre-sent Minister Sergei Lavrov. He has already managed to visit three countries: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE. The Arabs carry everything from aircraft to missiles Middle East tour Sergei Lavrov …

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The oil market: oil is rising, the ruble falling

Friday at noon the rising oil prices eased, although they are located in the area of high since the fall of last year, according to the auction. The rise in oil prices provided investors confidence that the OPEC countries carry out previous agreements and reduced the amount of oil production. …

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Will Bulgaria again the weak link now in the “Turkish stream”?

Bulgaria suspended the tender for the purchase of equipment and materials for the construction of branch gas pipeline “Turkish stream” to the border with Serbia. This was reported by “bulgartransgas” temporarily suspend the tendering procedure. It transpires that this is a temporary measure. And it is connected ostensibly with a …

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