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The greenback will increase, the reserves will operate out

At a governing administration conference on Thursday Key Minister Dmitry Medvedev was manufactured general public figures on finances execution in the present yr. It turned out that revenues were being 370 billion rubles considerably less than prepared, and the deficit enhanced by 670 billion — from two.three to three trillion. …

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The restoration from the economic downturn doable?

  Will give fiscal coverage a possibility to stabilize the overall economy Alex Gulakov &ltsource srcset=”/p/15/158/158061/m-158061.jpg” media=”(min-width: 428px) and (max-width: 671px)”/&gt&ltsource srcset=”/p/15/158/158061/l-158061.jpg” media=”(min-width: 672px)”/&gt The household of the authorities of the Russian Federation (Picture: Dmitry Astakhov/TASS) six Oct c.g. the authorities at its assembly accredited the draft regulation on the …

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The cost for the fix will raise 10 instances?

In late September, Deputy Minister of development Andrey Chibis explained to the media that citizens can help save on utility charges up to 30% of the resources immediately after their households will be carried out electrical power economical repairs. But its implementation is essential to considerably raise matching contributions to …

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Home the Mirage of the Russian economy

About plans of creation MFTS in the interests of an influential group of individuals media=”(min-width: 672px)”/> Photo: Alexander Astafyev/press service of the Russian government/TASS   At the International investment forum in Sochi has successfully debated governance issues and project approach. Summary: quickly implement the “project approach” — and has enough …

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