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Egg shells — fantastic supply of calcium

Скорлупа яиц — идеальный источник кальция

There is a sturdy belief that the rooster eggshell is pretty practical. Another person even crushes and beverages like nutritional vitamins. Researchers have lengthy verified that it is the suitable supply of calcium that is effortlessly absorbed by the system.

By the way, in historic clinical reference in the therapeutic of numerous mixtures are referred to as parts of a rooster egg with the shell or one particular shell. The Hungarian medical professional, Krompecher with a team of medical professionals and biologists fascinated in the well being qualities of the eggshell.

As you know, deficiency of calcium, specifically in bone, is one particular of the most typical metabolic diseases. Is rickets and irregular progress of enamel in small children, spinal curvature and negative enamel, bone fragility in the aged. Dysfunction of calcium metabolic process is generally accompanied by anemia, susceptibility to colds, allergic reactions, herpes on the lips, reducing resistance to radiation. The women of all ages in this are included leucorrhea, weak point, contractions, atony of the muscular tissues of the uterus. To rectify metabolic calcium is hard, as utilized to medication medicine — calcium chloride, gypsum, chalk is inadequately absorbed by the system.

Research of Hungarian medical doctors confirmed that shell eggs, consisting of 90% calcium carbonate (calcium carbonate), just to digest effortlessly. Though it consists of all the critical minerals for the system: copper, fluoride, iron, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc, silicon and other people — a full of 27 things! It is specifically significant a sizeable information of silicon and molybdenum these factors are exceptionally weak, our day by day foodstuff, but they are completely needed for the standard system of biochemical reactions in the system.

The composition of eggshell strikingly coincides with the composition of bones and enamel and, additionally, stimulates hematopoietic operate of bone marrow, which is specifically precious in phrases of radiation destruction.

Introduction in foodstuff crushed shell rooster eggs confirmed its superior therapeutic exercise and absence of any facet results, together with bacterial an infection. The identical simply cannot be stated about the shell duck eggs, which is generally contaminated, and to use the.

Significantly practical shell rooster eggs to younger small children, commencing from the 12 months since their system procedures of development of bone tissue are most intense and involve a sleek stream of calcium. The shells integrated in child foodstuff, is exceptionally advantageous influence in rickets and anemia, rickets acquiring in parallel.

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Dependent on their analysis, Dr. Krompecher provides the pursuing suggestions:

necessary scolopacina avoidance for the duration of being pregnant

it is exceptionally appealing for small children from one 12 months to six a long time

appealing in adolescence and early adulthood (up to 19-20)

prophylaxis 2 times a 12 months is practical for older people to stop conditions of the backbone, dental caries and osteoporosis

eggshell — the great software for deducing radionuclides and can be efficiently utilised in the facilities of radioactive contamination, since it stops the accumulation in the bone marrow nuclei of strontium-90. (Use two to six grams for every working day).

Approaches of use of eggshell is pretty uncomplicated. Eggs pre-washed with heat drinking water and cleaning soap, rinsed effectively. In most situations, the shell involves no exclusive sterilization. For younger small children it is needed for five minutes place it in boiling drinking water. Shells from eggs, difficult-boiled, a minor significantly less lively, but it is fully all set for use, the sterilized in the cooking system. Dosage — from one.five to three grams day by day relying on age. Grind into powder the shells in a mortar far better: recognized that when making use of the grinder the drug is significantly less lively. Reception with the early morning food — cheese or porridge. In Western nations around the world pharmacies powder from the shell of rooster eggs bought in 1970.

Delivers a great deal of difficulties, specifically in small children, allergic diathesis origin. Just take observe of the previous recipe, revealed in the guide I. P., Neumyvakina L. S. Neumyvakina “Wellness in your arms”. Contemporary eggs boil difficult boiled, eliminate the shell, meticulously eliminate the lining of her movie. The shell to dry for two-three hrs (not in warmth and not in immediate daylight). In a porcelain mortar grind the shells into powder (not wonderful powder).

Youngster from six months to one 12 months give the powder on the idea of a knife, one to three a long time two instances additional. In five-seven a long time 50 percent of the crushed shell. Just before you give the child powder require to squeeze number of drops of lemon juice, with a chemical response to transform the material contained in the shell, in certain calcium, effortlessly digestible by the system form. Do it day by day from one particular to quite a few months. The system is completely harmless. The final result influence that there is no response to these goods that induce diathesis.

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Shell rooster eggs, fried to yellowish, and powdered, treats “hungry” soreness and just soreness in the abdomen. Just take one instances a working day ahead of foods for 10 times. In accordance to fashionable ideas, has an antacid influence.

“Eggshell, milled into powder and drunk with grape wine, stops diarrhea”, — mentioned in the previous clinical guide.

Egg shells, dried and crushed in a espresso grinder into a wonderful powder may perhaps be a powder at the opening burns with blisters.

Suggestions from an previous clinical guide: for crushing stones in the kidneys and bladder require to be crushed into powder the egg shell, from which it just hatched a rooster, and consume the shell with grape wine. You have to just take each individual working day, about 10 g.

Vladimir Karavaev, have designed their individual procedure of therapeutic the system, suggests to normalize the acid-alkaline equilibrium to be taken orally crushed egg shells. You can use the shell only from uncooked eggs. In one particular hour it is washed with chilly drinking water and then calcined. Continue to keep shells in a glass jar with a lid, but not in a plastic bag. Just before you start off having the shell, it is needed to fork out awareness to which of your nostrils is respiratory less complicated. If the still left you are revealed the reception of the shell, if the ideal — the shell should really not be approved. (It should really be observed that the evident paradoxicality of the guidelines Karavaeva they have adequate for a major scientific research.) Wholesome individuals should really also just take the shell, but only when they on their own come to feel specifically great, emotion suit and in great spirits.

Make the shell should really be in the variety of crushed, one tablespoon day by day, if possible with two-three drops of lemon juice. In an intense circumstance, substitute the egg shell can provide as a pharmaceutical planning calcium carbonate (calcium carbonate).

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