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Exhibition-experiment “Dreams of Moscow” opened in the capital

From 21 November to 20 March 2019 in the first building of the Museum of Moscow will be an exhibition “Dreams of Moscow”. It presents installations involving the audience into the world of history and culture of Moscow. Creative experiment was prepared in cooperation with the Museum of industrial culture. Will complement the exhibition accompanying program — meetings with contemporary artists, performances, readings, lectures on art, cinema and literature.

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The space of the exhibition presents 13 large-scale installations. They consist of items that show the lives of people in different era clothing, furniture, toys, photographs, documents, household tools. Exhibits play a situation from the past in immersive theatre, immersing the audience into the action.

Each plot is dedicated to the “sleepy” theme: it may be a dream detective, dream discussion, dream, fantasy, dream, disco or dream for self. Viewers will get the opportunity to travel back in 1960-ies by lifting the handset of the telephone in old street booth, to find out what the song hears the child, holding a toy crocodile from 1980s; look at things from the early 2000s and see how life has changed today.

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December 2 and 3 in the second building of the Museum and its courtyard will host a winter festival “Dreams of Moscow” — with the festive fair, Christmas festivals and creative program. About how they see Moscow, tells the actor’s workshop of Dmitry Brusnikina Igor Titov, poet Lev Rubinstein, the singer Zhenya Lubich and other prominent Muscovites. And will show the capital experienced guides — walking on Prechistenka, Ostozhenka and the surrounding area.

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Guests will also see the premiere production of “the Blue lantern” on the short story by Victor Pelevin, one-man show-cartoon laureate of “Golden mask” Ksenia Orlova “Spruce. Andersen”. Will be the premieres of animated cartoons with Big cartoon festival, live music concerts from classical to jazz and Blues, poetry readings. And the children can participate in interactive performances, create art objects in the Studio “Moscow Windows” and listen to the baby Opera.

Details in the festival programme on the website of the Museum of Moscow and a special page of the Seasons of Life.


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