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Experts have named 5 of the best cars for the Russian winter

Эксперты назвали 5 лучших автомобилей для русской зимы

Automotive columnist Igor Morzharetto has presented the five best cars to drive in Russia during winter. According to him, when choosing a machine the main criteria remain price and reliability.

According to the Nation News Agency, is the leader in the rating of the crossover Renault Duster, which, according to Morzharetto, overtaking the competition because of the price. Today it is the most affordable foreign crossover in Russia. The expert also included in the list of suitable for Russian winter, these foreign car manufacturers: Hyundai Tucson, Nissan Qashqai, Hyundai and KIA Grand Sportage. He noted that between them a few differences.

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To summarize, the analyst attributed to quality cars of the German Volkswagen Tiguan. This machine can not compete in the rating because of its high price, but well proven on the roads.

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