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Facebook has created a new section for Teens

Facebook создает новый раздел для подростковThe company is trying to “rejuvenate” the audience.

The developers of social network Facebook are trying to rejuvenate its audience and to attract young people into the ranks of the users. For this Facebook creates a new section with funny videos and gifs.

About the upcoming appearance in the tape Facebook youth section told the website TechCrunch, citing its sources.

TechCrunch say that Facebook is now in complete secrecy is testing a novelty in the United States. The focus group consisted of about a hundred American teenagers. Students-high school students will assess the collected social network content: funny videos of category “Fun”, “Trouble”, “Pet”.

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In Facebook confirmed that they really do learn the relevance of a section LOL. “We’re doing a little testing, the concept is now at an early stage”, – laconically commented the official representative of the social network.

Welcome to TechCrunch that Facebook is trying to become “stylish, fashionable, youth”, but I doubt that new product will be a success. Experts familiar with the content in the topic LOL, I noticed that many videos are new and already flashed in social networks, and, therefore, not gone unnoticed by the Teens. Whether such a content in Facebook to compete with familiar to schoolchildren YouTube and Instagram? Professionals social networks are skeptical.

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