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FBK found in Vladimir Solovyov second Villa on lake Como and the Maybach

ФБК нашел у Владимира Соловьева вторую виллу на озере Комо и автомобиль Maybach

The Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny has published another investigation on the foreign property known to the Russians. The defendant in this investigation was the TV host Vladimir Solovyov, who has already attracted the attention of Bulk – informed the FCO told us about Solovyov Villa on lake Como in Italy.

“The information that the TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov has a Villa on the Italian lake Como is not true. Because the TV presenter Solovyov has TWO Villa on the Italian lake Como”, – Navalny wrote in his blog on January 22.

As published by the opposition of the video, the second Solovyov Villa located on a hilltop in the commune of Menaggio is 11 km from the famous home of TV presenter. Judging by the published documents, this house Soloviev bought in July 2013, paying him slightly more than 1 million euros. In the contract of purchase and sale Solovyov called the “local resident” (domiciliato) and artist by profession.

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Navalny also published other documents about the house Solovyov. It follows that the main Villa area of about 300 square meters excluding the balcony and veranda and a guest house area of 90 square meters located on a plot of 37 acres. The main house has 14 rooms, including five bedrooms, five bathrooms, living room, kitchen, hallway, boiler room and pantry. The guest house has three rooms and two showers. Also on the estate is built an outdoor swimming pool.

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At the end of the video, Navalny said that nightingales spend money not only abroad. So, in February 2018, the broadcaster acquired the car Maybach worth about 15 million rubles. Machine several times already came into the view traffic cameras that issued Solovyov fines for violation of traffic rules, and earlier with the purchase Solovieva congratulated in Instagram the Russian representative office of Mercedes-Benz.



Recall that Solovyov is broadcast “Sunday evening with Vladimir solovevym” and “Duel” on channel “Russia 1”. In addition, during the week he leads the radio program “Full contact” on “Vesti FM” with Anna Shafran.

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