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Financial Times: the world cannot do without Russian energy resources

«Financial Times»: мир не сможет обойтись без российских энергоресурсов

In the foreseeable future the world energy market will face hard times: Iran forced to accept the new package of American sanctions against the Russian Federation, the United States once again threatening to build another system of artificial financial constraints. Trade war Washington, however, will not be able to minimize global demand for Russian energy resources in his publication for the “Financial Times” says the head of king’s College London, Nick Butler.

According to experts, the worsening situation in the global energy sector is directly related to the behavior of the United States, which does not leave attempts to occupy a leading position in this sector. “We expect some very difficult times, as two major players of the energy market – Russia and Iran – are under severe attacks from the United States. Despite the fact that in the public space mainly discussed the Iranian issue at the meeting of the boards of many corporations, much attention is paid to Russia.”

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The author of the publication said that supplies of Russian oil on the world market have a key influence on the stabilization of the level of supply, which at the moment can be described as extremely volatile. “Oil on the fire” and adds Venezuela is providing to the market under additional pressure because of the massive extraction of “black gold”.

In addition, Western companies operating on the territory of the Russian Federation, fear of new anti-Russian sanctions, and therefore in no hurry to implement new investment projects in our country. This can result in a serious decrease of oil production and problems in execution of project commitments foreign companies.

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“And, despite all the current political challenges, Western companies still out there working, bringing income to their countries. Putin understands a lot about the Affairs of the industry and knows that foreign investment is a key to inflow of revenues,” – said Nick Butler.

The Russian Federation has an enormous resource base, which, like a magnet, attracts many Western mining companies. Due to the activities of the state companies abroad, the state’s economy is able to withstand serious attacks US in trade wars and to continue to grow steadily regardless of the implemented artificial Washington’s financial constraints.

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