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For the miscalculations of “domestic producers” will pay the Russians

За просчеты «отечественного производителя» заплатят россияне

That is to say, gradually starts screaming about Kabalistic passengers who jumped out of the plane with bags and suitcases. How many of these popped up, and whether they were in fact — no one knows, but a convenient excuse to shift the topic back to the “wrong people”.

The question of maintenance of aircraft and their condition, I suspect, will once again be jammed.

And what to say, if now the Russian aviation gradually becomes the hostage of the same model.

To begin seriously and to stir up the subject, means “to land” a significant proportion of the fleet, and during peak season. It is worth to note that a considerable number of “importozameshchenija” aircraft are sitting idle on the ground waiting for THAT and not the, say, surgical repair. Hanging increasing operating costs for airlines that compensate for this at the expense of passengers.

I’m not arguing that the country needs its own aviation industry, but is it worth it to create shifting expenses, material and moral, to carriers and consumers? Moreover, the question of what investments actually pay off, but still bringing some income has already been forgotten and hushed up. In exchange for the prestige and pompous declarations.

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Every time, starting for the state account and pretentious new “breakthrough” project, you need to think about how it will be beneficial not only for specific sector but for the economy of the country and its inhabitants.

Dear readers may sneer at the fact that I’m not an expert in the aircraft industry, it really is. But there are obvious facts and decisions made by specialists, which show that the plane we created, maybe not the worst but not the best in today’s highly competitive market is not enough. That demonstrates a simple lack of demand that is generated by experts in their field. And a few sporadic cases, when the sides failed to push the bourgeoisie, only confirm the General pattern. The reasons for the purchase of aircraft of domestic companies — a separate conversation.

The main thing is that a relatively stable number of incidents with the aircraft, and the constant is the problem a lack of prompt service and supply of spare parts exists for years, and a marked improvement, as you know, not noticeably, although this is obvious and solve bottlenecks, to close that it was necessary immediately and in the shortest possible time.

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But what’s the point? If you can always hide behind the state support and import substitution, they say, where us consumers will go away from a submarine is a semi-closed market?

Moreover, in connection with delusions possible to get rid of imported components tested and proven solutions to the risk, however, a newly created domestic replacement will be worse, quite large.

The disaster with aircraft happen periodically, and it is inevitable, the question is, what is being done to avoid them? “Boing” its short-sighted policy has undermined its reputation, but it depends on the market and therefore, almost inevitably corrected, though, and will pay fines and discounts on their products.

For the miscalculations of “domestic producers”, I suspect you will have to pay the collective Russian, regular subsidies from the state budget and their skin.

In today’s awful incident, perhaps not the fault of the manufacturer, for further investigation and independent experts, I hope, bring to us the truth. But a lot of simmering of things to ask and to answer them, that does not change. In order to avoid new catastrophes. And in memory of the victims.

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