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"Good family man": details of the murder of his wife by an Ural deputy

As the South Urals news portal 74.ru reports, a 50-year-old deputy, the head doctor of a local hospital, has been detained. “According to the investigation, on the night of August 21, in the apartment of one of the houses of the village of Lokomotivny, the suspect fired two shots from the hunting rifle at the house quarrel with his wife, causing the woman to die,” the representative of the IC of Russia said, adding that Zaripov was placed to the temporary detention center for 48 hours.

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According to the colleague of the detainee – the head of the local clinic Shamil Gabaidullin – the head doctor gave the impression of an adequate person: he was a good family man, he devoted a lot of time to raising three children. “I especially loved the younger, five-year-old girl, she was constantly in his arms,” said Gabaydullin, adding that his wife was “10 years younger than Zaripov.”

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A number of local media suggested that jealousy could have caused the bloody drama: Zaripov allegedly found his wife and lover when he returned home after fishing.

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